How I Reduce My Excessive Shedding | Relaxed Hair

Sunday, December 13, 2020

How I Reduce My Excessive Shedding | Relaxed Hair |

Hey guys!

Back with another video sharing my effective yet simple routine for reducing my excessive shedding - naturally!

Today, I'll be showing you how I use a Black Tea Rinse to effectively reduce hair loss. Too, due to the high concentration of Caffeine in Black Tea, it not only helps to stop shedding but it stimulates blood circulation in the scalp promoting hair growth!! Amazing :) 

Be sure to check out my video below and watch 'till the end to see how effective this tea REALLY is!!

Products Mentioned:

Keracare Hydrating & Detangling Shampoo -
Aussie Moist -
Silk Elements Strength & Silk Mega Cholesterol -
As I Am So Much Hair Lotion -
Magic Star Jumbo Rake Wide Tooth Comb -
Satin Scarf (Scarf Method) -


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