WEEKEND VLOG: Relaxer Study/My Thoughts, Products I’m no longer using, Healthy Scalp Challenge Updates, 100K YT Award, Wash Day + MORE! | Hairlicious Inc.

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Welcome Back to another VLOG!! 

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Sis, I’m back with another packed weekend vlog sharing all things healthy hair care and lifestyle. In today’s video I share my healthy scalp challenge updates, my oil and scalp massage routine, green smoothie protein shake, and vitamins for health and hair growth!

I also share my thoughts on the Relaxer Study (yes, the articles that have been floating around the relaxed hair community), products I'm no longer using and my healthy hair care plans moving forward. It’s A LOT!! Brace yourself, sis.

Girl, I can’t even contain myself, my 100K Youtube Plaque is HEREEE!!! Come unbox it with me. See you in the comments :)

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