My Favourite 2010 Summer Hair Style : Banding!

Friday, June 18, 2010

I love to wear this style in the summer. It keeps my hair moist, this style is great for showing length (try it for yourself!), and my ends are kept in place and not entirely exposed to outside elements. It's a nice change from the "everyday bun". LOL

I always make sure I put an extra coating of oil on my ends just for protection. I normally do this style after I co-wash. I used ouchless ponytail holders and my headband is from Ardene Accessory Store.


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  1. Cute! Very "Pocohantas" looking.

  2. This style is so cute, I can't wait till my hair gets long enough to rock it!

  3. very nice- I think I just found my hairstyle that i will wear to the beach soon.

  4. cute style!!! ur hair is growing..

  5. I used to do this to my pigtails when I was younger! Isaw a girl in the "mo money, mo problems' video wearing her hair like that and I was like, "I would look so cute with that!" It really does show length, your hair is growing so nicely!

  6. Thanks for posting...I was really missing your update photos for a minute look adorable as always!!!!

  7. How long does your have to be to do this? Is shoulder length long enough? -jmason

  8. That's really cute Sunshyne. Since it's so, so hot here right now, I would take that one step further and wrap into a bun and pin. That would make a very cool bun; think I will try that!

  9. Thank you so much ladies. Yes you can do this style on SL (shoulder length) hair if you want. I encourage you all to try it out :-)

  10. Really cute! What are you doing to your ends? How are you keeping them covered?

  11. My ends are kept together by the ponytail holders. The very ends are somewhat exposed but I moisturize and seal and I make sure my ends are not brushing against anything else.


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