Naturalista Series™ Presents: Brittany

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

What's your name and where are you from?

Brittany Matthews and I am from Silver Spring, MD (DMV).

Have you always been natural? If not, what inspired you to go natural? Did you transition? If so, for how long?

When I was younger me and my sister had hair down to our behinds, needless to say it was overwhelming for my mom to manage two heads of thick long hair so I got a perm. I received perms all the way up until my freshmen year of college when I decided I wanted to grow my hair out for health purposes and to have the option of wearing it natural if I chose to. In 2006, I received my last perm a week before Thanksgiving, I also cut my hair into a bob. Right before the new year I cut my bangs. It took me about a year to get rid of all the chemical.

What is your hair type?

I have naturally curly/wavy hair that is very thick. My hair is more curly underneath and more wavy up top.

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What do you love most about being natural?

Being natural can be a challenge but one that is well worth it. My hair is stronger, longer and over all healthier than it is was with a perm.

What are your hair goals for 2010?

I have become very interested in reaching MBL which I originally said was too long for me but I have changed my mind and made that my hair goal for 2010

Name a few challenges you are currently facing with your hair. Have you been doing anything different to overcome these challenges?

Trying to cut back on the time I spend doing my hair is the main problem. I have yet to find a solution to this problem. I do not EVER go to the hair dresser I do my own hair and it takes about 4 hours to wash, condition, blow dry, and flat iron.

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What styles do you love to wear the most and why? How do you go about achieving this style?

99% of the time my hair is down with my bangs out or parted down the middle. I use a flat iron to get my hair as straight as possible then I wrap it at night to give it some bend.

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List the products that you use and how you use them. What is your current hair regimen? share what works for you!

I am a NEXXUS girl 100% I love the entire line.

1. Therapee shampoo
2. Humectress conditioner
3. Silk elements heat protectant

I use these products in this order then I blow dry and flat iron my hair. IF I use any oil at all (my hair created it's own oil in excess) I use Lisa's Hair Elixar from the Carols' Daughter line.

What products do you use to achieve soft beautiful curl definition?

I never wear my hair natural. This summer is actually going to be my first time wearing my hair natural so I have yet to find a good product for my hair. I know that when it's natural it dries out extremely fast so something with a lot of moisture will probably be necessary.

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How do you detangle your hair?

I don't detangle my hair because it almost never tangles. I don't comb it before I wash or before or after I condition. I only comb it right before I sit down to blow dry it the comb usually slides right through.

What product or technique would you say really helped your hair flourish?

I would attribute a large part of being able to manage my hair to the Silicon. I no longer use this product but when I was using it my hair was amazing!!! Now I attribute all my hair success to the NEXXUS line in it's entirety.

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Do you have any advice for other naturals?

For the Naturalista's who wear their hair natural often I would be careful straightening it to much because it can lessen and ruin your curl pattern.

Where on the web can we find more about you and your styles?

Hairlista is the only site I use solely for hair but my facebook page has pictures of my hair at all different stages over the last 4-5 yrs.!/profile.php?id=1227900161&ref=profile

Thank you Brittany Matthews for sharing all that information with us!

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  1. She's my favorite natural on hairlista..omg i love her hair!

  2. her hair is beautiful....i especially love it in it's natural state!

  3. I love her straight styles most! Very beautiful and shiny.

  4. Wow what an inspiration. Beautiful hair! I have a long way to go but definitely aspire to have her hair!!

  5. Awsome pictures.. Your hair looks so wonderful. The natural way of your hair is really beautiful. Framesi Shine-in changed my hair a lot.

  6. Very beautiful hair. I was disappointed that the Facebook profile is private :P

  7. WOW, beautiful is all I have to say. I am trying to get my bob to grow out that long. (Currently my bob is at the bottom of my neck and grazing my shoulders). I've been going back and forth with going natural and this gives me inspiration to do so. Thanks!