Motions Moisture Plus

Friday, June 27, 2008

Product Claims: Motions After-Shampoo Moisture Plus for Professional Use Only with Silicone and Panthenol Restores Hair’s Normal Acid Ph, Softens and Supports Hair’s Integrity, Smoothes Hair Even Hair’s Porosity and Smoothes it Exterior. Delivers shine and easy combing. Penetrates into hairshaft and conditions from within. Contains panthenol, a vitamin derivative and glycerin to provide moisture.

Directions: After Relaxing: Rinse Relaxer Thoroughly and Towel Dry Hair. Apply Moisture Plus Conditioner for Ten Minutes. Shampoo, Reapply for Ten Minutes and Rinse. After Shampooing: Apply and Ample Amount, Cover with a shower Cap and Rinse after Fifteen Minutes.

Water (Aqua), Mineral Oil Paraffinum Liquidum, Polyquaternium-32, Glycerin, Quaternim-80 Dimethicone PEG-7 Sostearate, Dimethicone Pantehenol, DMDM Hydantoin, Amyl Cnnamal, Benzyl Salicylate, Butylphenyl, Methyl Propional, Linalool, Fragrance (Parfum).

The Truth: I did not like this conditioner, at all. I heard good reviews about it from members on a couple hair boards, so I decided I'd try it out. It was pretty cheap too. I used it straight, didn't add anothing to it. It left a weird film on my strands. It made my ends frizzy, dry, and stringy. It took a lot of my moisturizer to get it back to normal, even then it still felt bad :( Never again!!

Price: $3.97

Hairlicious Rating: (2/5) Pretty Bad


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  1. once i see any form of mineral oil or petroleum in the ingredients, i instantly ditch the idea of using it. hehe

  2. I used to use motions products and I thought they worked for my hair. However, I learned to leave that stuff alone. The line is packed with cones and cheap oils - petroleum, mineral oil. No wonder you didn't like it.

    Di you get to use that Kenra product yet? How was it?

  3. you know, right when i started lurking on LHCF i went product crazy and for whatever reason thought motions products were the cream of the crop. i bought the 30oz tub of this stuff and the 32oz "lavish conditioning shampoo" or w/e it is called. then i got hip to the game and realized the second ingredient is mineral oil...i had only used it once and the store has a no returns policy. i dont even think i can sell it cause it would cost too much to ship. ARGH!

  4. @ Margarida539: Thanks for the tip, but you know when a lot of ppl are raving about a product, you wanna try it regardless of what the ingredients say...umm.. I learned my lesson..LOL

    @ SOLOMONSYDELLE : I didn't get to try the Kenra, but I will this weekend when I have no time...I can't wait & of course I'll fill you in =]

    @ Mojo : Girl Im sorry to hear that, Motions seemed like the "it" product, but thats a total LIE now! never againnnnn

  5. Oh yes. I remeber those days when everything in my hair supply closet was Motions brand. I still use their neutralizing shampoo after relaxers. I'm not sure why I stopped using them. I my hair didn't hate the stuff, it just liked other products more.

  6. I agree, the motions relaxer was great on my hair, just not the conditioner.

  7. LoL ..that is alot of adding and rinsing and adding again. WTH? They just want you to finish the product and keep buying

  8. this product definitely works for some people, but it does nothing for me either

    oh well