Product Junkie Clean Up

Monday, June 09, 2008

Product Junkies listen up! Do you have several bottles underneath your sink that are empty, half empty, or have not been used in months?? It's time to clean out the closet/cabinet. Throw them out, or just give them away. Trust me, its well worth it!! Why are you holding on to them anyway? I had to do a major clean up in my bathroom this weekend because I had absolutely no space under my sink. I realized that I had tonssssss of empty bottles and many bottles with barely any product in them that I have not used in MONTHS, it was crazy. I threw out a good amount of stuff, but I'm not fully complete. Now, under my sink looks pretty decent. My ultimate goal is to have cabinet consist of products I use regularly, THATS IT!

My organized cabinet. I still have some more cleaning to do though.


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  1. I just had a product swap with my girlfriends. I'm so proud that I didn't take anything- just gave a lot of my hair products away!

    Thanks for the link! I love your blog! I was bummed I didn't like the At One foam, but I LOVE the reconstructor, and the itchy scalp treatment. Do you use the foam?

  2. Thats good that you gave your away. I may have to do that next time around. Yeah the reconstructor is FAB!! I haven't tried the foam though, how do you use it? By the way Thanks for the blog compliment :-)

  3. I attempted to use the foam to rollerset the top and wrap the sides. But it made my hair hard and difficult to comb while wet. It didn't dry my hair out much, but it didn't moisturize either. Maybe I'll give it one more try soon...

  4. Yeah I guess you can do without it. Try the AtOne Reconstructor and see how it feels.