IM IN THE USA!...finally : )

Friday, July 11, 2008

Hey Everyone,

I'm on Vacation in North Carolina , U.S.A visiting my hubby's sister and family. It's great out here and sooo hot...gotta love it. I've never been to the states before (said isn't it..LOL) and I must say it is quite different from Toronto, Canada i.e. the houses, roads, stores, people etc.

What I find funny is that my hair is retaining more moisture than ever down here. I don't get it. After I shampooed and deep conditioned yesterday, my new growth was laying down more flat (I am 10 weeks post relaxer) and that never happened before! It could be the air or the water, who knows =] I only have to moisturize and seal probably 1x /day...

I can't wait to try out all the cool restaurants and go shopping in all the stores that we don't have in Canada and of course check out the BSS because I definately know that I'll find a larger variety of hair products more easily than in the TDOT.


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  1. Wow, you have never been outside of Canada before until now?

    yeah I notice when i am in the states in the south the whole thing seems to be different for my naps.. go crazy in the BSS seriously its the best time when us Tdot folks can find real beauty products.

    Koffee dyme

  2. Nah I've been outside Canada many times, but never to go to the states! LOL ...It nice down here. Imma go to the beauty supply store today and see whats up...I'll fill you guys in =]

  3. awesome...i'm one state up, girl! and whats so different...i guess what i know about toronto is from degrassi...looked the same on TV. ohhhh that sounds so bad i think! spill!!!

  4. Yeah its different out here..from the prices...the people being so etc.

  5. You probably already kno by now,lol, but I believe it was due to the higher humidity (especially southern summers...whew!) that your hair was able to retain moisture better. More moisture in the air as opposed to drier,cooler climates, sucks less moisture out of your hair. What's fnny is that it sometimes causes the cuticle to swell and lift resulting in frizzies, but I think that is when hair lacks moisture and is drier beneath the cuticle than the surrounding air.