New Growth + Gel = WAVESSS

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

After deep conditioning (which I did overnight and turned out great by the way) I decided to spray some S-Curl on my new growth (11 wks post relaxer this week) to define the curls, add some Fantasia IC Gel to my new growth, brushed the top and edges repeatedly and slicked it in a pony tail since its pretty hot here in North Carolina. I then put on my black satin scarf (20-30mins) to make the new growth lay down flat and to also get my edges straight. The key thing to remember is to do this style on damp hair after shampooing/deep conditioning.

Here are the results!

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  1. I really do like Fantasia IC Gel. Doesn't leave the hair hard at all and worked well with my braid-outs.

  2. I love Fantasia IC Gel..great hold and shine plus it dries really soft.
    Your waves turned out too the earrings too! =]

  3. I love IC Gel with a passion...Thanks Nyk'ol for the compliment.

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