How I Moisturize and Seal / Apply Castor Oil to My Scalp

Friday, February 13, 2009

Updated video (with audio) on How I Moisturize and Seal in sections as well as How I apply Castor Oil to my Scalp for the Hairlista Castor Oil Challenge. Enjoy♥


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  1. my castor oil doesn't look like that. it's like a liquid. is that ok?

  2. You prob have pure castor "oil". the one she's using is a pomade (castor oil mixed with some other things to make a grease/pomade). Tho my hair is natural, I use regular castor oil (100% fluid) for my ends or I use 100% coconut oil(fluid). I guess you can use either unless you are opposed to the other ingredients listed on the pomade ingredient list.

    P.S: Beautiful hair Sunshyne

  3. I love your hair sunshyne it looks great!!! Im sure you'll be bra strap by this summer!!!!

  4. The castor oil i use is the liquid type!!!! It works real well!!!!! My hair is feeling thick and I cant wait to perm my hair tonight and measure the growth!!! Lookin good sunshine!!!!

  5. Hi Everyone, I have been following this regime and my hair has grown considerably. I had some breakage after a relaxer after being natural for 7 yrs. It is certainly growing and I am at the top of my bra strap now.

  6. I am really excited to try the hollywood castor oil, i will look for the Jamaican castor oil too. i am currently in braids and just discovered yr website. thanks


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