Hair Question: Prevent Static Flyaway Hair

Thursday, March 05, 2009


"What does it mean to have static hair? My hair just stick right up after it dry, not all of it, but like certain pieces."

Advice: Static hair is caused by dryness! It is very common to have static in colder months than it is in warmer months/climates. Dry hair tends to carry positive electrical charges when combed with a plastic comb and then they begin to repel each other the more you comb. When there is less moisture and friction, this only causes more static to arise. Static/flyaway hair is common amongst those with thin, fine, straight or dry hair.

Some ways to prevent it:

  • Moisturize your hair.
  • Use a leave-in conditioner before air drying or blow drying.
  • Stop washing your hair with harsh shampoo's that strip the hair of it's natural oils
  • Use a ionic ceramic blow dryer and flat iron when applying heat to your hair. These tools dry the hair without robbing the hair of moisture and it reduces flyaway hair.
  • Use hard rubber, metal or wooden combs since these do not cause static electricity.
  • Use a dab of serum after you've finished styling your hair to give your hair just enough weight for it to lay down.


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  1. Good post, btw do you know why ionic blow dryers and flat irons are better?

  2. Thank you Dasia. Ionic/Ceramic/Tourmaline are better simply because they lock moisture into the hair thus reducing frizz, gives shine,and makes your hair feel silkier.