Moisture vs. Slip..Which Do You Prefer?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Vote and let me know what you think!!


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  1. honestly the slip is unnecessary if I know that my hair is fully moisturized and healthy

  2. I can't choose... Slip in a conditioner is useless without moisture but moisture without slip will have you ripping your hair out.

  3. Shouldn't enough moisture give you enough slip? Silk elements gives great slip and I felt it was from their moisturizers. I have always thought that slip without moisture is basically just silicone.

  4. Awww shoot! Pick one? I want both. I'd have to go with moisture, but if it has horrible slip, I won't buy it again. The ones I use have both, thank goodness!

  5. uh what do you guys mean by slip?

  6. I don't even know what slip is but moisture is most important.

  7. I also chose moisture. Moisture equals healthy hair and when my hair is moist it's very easy to detangle as well :o)

  8. What's 'slip'?
    Like, your hair being melting ice or something?
    I choose moisture.

  9. If I was still washing my hair loose, I'd say slip but now that I detangle and section when dry with cheap conditioner, I'm chooosing moisture.

  10. yeah, this was a tough decision. for the girls who are asking, if your conditioner provides great slip for your hair, then you can glide your fingers/comb through your hair effortlessly. i agree with flowerchild. if my hair feels moisturized, but i can't run my fingers through it nicely, it's not a winner.

  11. I've noticed that for me, if the moisture is there, most times than not so is the slip.
    Great question!

  12. from a conditioner i prefer moisture hands down

    from a leave-in i prefer slip, b/c my moisturizer will cover any dryness issues + i detangle after i'm done washing not during

  13. Slip is that soft, silky hair that has movement.

    Moisture can go from dried out to conditioned to greasy!

    I like my hair to have lots of slip and be well conditioned. I don't like overly greasy styles. I'm always trying to keep that balance between moisturized vs greasy.


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