The Great "Egg" Debate

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In the world of all things hair, there seems to be a huge discrepancy where eggs are concerned. Those who experience dry damaged hair, tend to look for a way out, the natural remedy of using eggs normally comes to mind.

Eggs are commonly known to strengthen the hair, stop breakage, make the soft, shiny and thick! First hand, many of us have experienced these benefits while at the same time, some have not. Some state that egg does nothing for their hair, it just coats their strands and never stops the breakage, in comparison to store bought conditioners. At the same one, one must remember that everyone's hair is different!

Throughout my journey, I've come across information which allows me to believe that there are 2 distinct sides to this whole matter. Here are the most common arguments for and against egg as a treatment for hair:

Arguments For Egg:

- Contains a lot of protein and conditions the hair
- Strengthens the hair
- Increases thickness
- It's natural
- Rich in Vitamin A, D and E (vitamin A helps in the production of sebum which works to cure dandruff, vitamin E helps increase the absorption of oxygen and vitamin D helps promote hair growth)
- The yolk makes the hair glossy/shiny

Arguments Against Egg:

- It's meant to go in us, not on us.
- Doesn't contain hydrolyzed or quanternized proteins (small enough to penetrate hair, less than 2500MW).
- Egg protein molecules are too large to repair/change/penetrate the hair.
- Doesn't change the condition of the hair - just coats the hair strand.
- natural/unprocessed proteins have a negative charge, hair has a negative charge as well, therefore there's no natural attraction to adhere to the hair.
- No lasting effect.

Is the source of the protein not as important as the size of the protein particle and its ability to enter and remain inside the hair shaft?

What side are you on?

Are you "For" or "Against" Egg as an effective protein treatment?

Your thoughts/comments/suggestions are welcome!


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  1. I tried eggs in my DC three times at the beginning of my journey and it did nothing for me! In fact, it made my hair look and feel funny. I don't know why - it worked sooo well for others. I also had the same no-results from ORS mayo. I thought I was going to have a protein issue until I discovered 2 min reconstructor which I use weekly with no problem.

    So, I'm a NO for egg.

  2. I'm for eggs! Besides getting tiny pieces of egg left in my hair their great for a protein treatment. Really strengthening and they add shine.

  3. No, no for me. I tried a lot of times and felt quite dissapointed with the results. Aphogee 2 min takes my hair out so I'm on the hunt for a Trade Secret to try out your JPack or something, hopefully that will work.

  4. Much better scramble in a pan!
    They are yummy and I think that it works much better from the inside out :)

  5. I am totally for eggs in your hair and in your body. Both need protein. I tried eggs in my hair and I got good results I eat eggs occasionally and it helps with my craving for protein. I think too much of anything is bad but if you use it properly it can and will be effective.

  6. Eggs are okay. I'd try it again in the future mixed with my conditioner. I tried before and was left with cooked egg (water too warm) in my hair, but I'll be wiser next time. My hair did come out feeling stronger though because of the protein, but that was the only benefit. Eggs will remain a valuable part of my regimen. "For"

  7. If someone asked me this a month ago I'd say I hate eggs on hair. I tried it when I was first learning about better hair care and loved it the first few times. Unfortunately I didn't know about balance and earlier this year my hair came out rough after a treatment. I didn't try again until last month and I'm back to loving it. My hair feels thicker and has more shine. :) I'm thinking about making it a monthly treatment.

  8. I'm gonna have to say they do better when I ingest them...other than that nay!

  9. i don't even like to eat eggs so i don't kno why i thought i wud like them in my hair.. ugh, horrible experience!!

  10. Eggs just don' t work on my hair !
    it makes my hair good first time and really dry after few days !
    i prefer hydrolized wheat protein or silk amino acids.

  11. I'm for eggs... inside and out! I think its all in how you use them and again everyone's hair is different. I normally use them on dry hair with mayo and olive oil like a pre-poo then i continue with my regime and do a moisturizing d.c. Mind you, I only do this every other month alternating with Joico K-pak. So I do a protein treatment once a month. But the egg makes my hair feel thick, full and strong.

  12. Just make sure if u use eggs keep them away from heat. That's hot or warm water and the'll have a mess on your hands!

  13. i am against eggs since the day i've read the natural haven and the beauty brains blogs. these are blogs created by scientists and they say egg protein are too large to penetrate the hair shaft.
    But the egg fats are good because they make hair full and shiny.

  14. for it!!! i straighten my hair once a month and once it wash day i DC with an egg and my hair feels amazing!! but everyone's different

  15. I tried putting eggs & mayo in my hair and my hair loved it for the first few days. It was like a dream come true, but then after the first few days my hair was dry as all heck! This is also what happened when I did the Aphogee 2 Step treatment! My hair is not a big fan of copious amounts of protein. Right now I'm adding Megatek (as a leave-in) after washing my hair to see how that goes ...

  16. I am for it. My hair is porous and feels gummy when weak or over moisturised but always feels so much stronger after some egg mixed in with hair mayo deep condition, no heat.

  17. Wow, thank you all for your comments. Seems like most of you prefer eggs inside and out. I used to love eggs in my regimen, but I got tired of the cooked breakfast on my hair (no matter what temp.I used to wash it out) so I ditched it...I'm glad it's working out for you ladies :-)

  18. Tried on my hair a few days ago, I did experience a dry feeling after rinsing, moisturising and sealing. But the day after that my hair actually felt and still feels much thicker and healthier.

    Maybe it's different for everyone else. But I will be doing it again possibly in a couple of months time. As it worked for me. :)

    I guess, my advice would be. Try it in your next protein treatment. If it's not beneficial, then at least you know.