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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Listen Up Hairlicious Inc. Readers!

Since the Castor Oil Challenge Part 3 will be in FULL EFFECT tomorrow September 2nd 2009, Hairlicious Inc. & has teamed up to provide a SPECIAL in-store and online discount exclusively for Hairlicious readers! How nice is that :)

With the purchase of the Hair Therapy Wrap and Jamaican Black Castor Oil, one will receive 15% off !! The Hair Therapy Wrap and the Jamaican Black Castor Oil combined, make an awesome deep hot oil treatment duo for dry damaged hair.

This promotion will be taking place from September 1st - 30th 2009.

Be sure to use this Promo Code online & in-store: jbcolicious (small letters)

Toronto Ladies, here is the Address:

4967 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON
M2N 5N6


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  1. Thanks! I'm running to the store :)

  2. awww shucks!!

    I just ordered my Hair Therapy Wrap Sunday's shipped already and everything. Oh well....enjoy the discount ladies. =)

    And thanks Sunshyne, even though I can't use this one, a discount is always a welcomed treat! =)

    -SouthernBella *aka* Long & Relaxed

  3. I'm so happy about this thanks. Just started reading your blog and I was going to but that wrap thingie this weekend and I wanted to try the castor oul as well so this is perfect.

  4. Wheeeeee! pay day couldn't come faster! Thanks so much =)

    I be SharBar of hairlista (& from hairlicious before hairlista existed)

  5. i went to the store yesterday and picked these up!

  6. Thanks much,,,I'm very intersting with this Post, w'u want to visit back me ?