Happy Birthday Hairlista Inc.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

This is a very exciting time for Hairlista Inc. because we`ve officially been online for 12 months!!! With approximately 14,500 members, and growing, Hairlista Inc. has been able to meet the needs of many satisfied members (for member Testimonials, click here).

We thank you all for supporting & joining Hairlista Inc. (especially the veterans that have been with us since day 1). We really appreciate your loyalty and activity on the site. Without you all, we wouldn`t be able to accomplish all that we set out to do.

Stay tuned, more good things to come :-)

God Bless you all

Hairlista Inc. Team

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  1. happy Bday Hairlista !!!

  2. Happy b-day!!! I am so thankful for this blog it saved my hair lol!

  3. Go Shawty It's your birthday! Congrats hun and thanks, we all need you for many more!

  4. Happy B-Day!!! U r doing a great job Sunshyne...very in-tuned with ur memebers/followers (both great & small)...ALL the best for years to come!!!

  5. happy birthday. thanks sunshyne for the good work. Though am just a few days old with hairlista, i have seen and read the testimonies of many gals . You are such a motivator.Thanks so much.

  6. Happy Birthday! I know I'm late that for all the hair suggestions! I definitely tell the difference from how my hair was to now 4wks later. Thanks Hairlista and Sunshyne! Much success to help ladies with their manes!

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