Coconut Oil Challenge - Coming Soon!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The highly anticipated Coconut Oil Challenge is just DAYS away! Get your coconut oil ASAP. I have a full Jar ready for this challenge. Rules will be posted on in Jan 2010. Stay tuned :-)



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  1. ooo, i'm excited! i totally love coconut oil... actually am prepooing with it right now ;-)

  2. Couldn't wait for this challenge Anymore!!!

  3. hey whatever happened to the results of the last castor oil challenge?

  4. Thanks for your input ladies. The results of the Castor Oil Challenge are all on You will see some photo's in the next Castor Oil Challenge promo.

  5. I'm so in Sunshyne! Happy Christmas Eve :)

  6. now this challenge i can do, can't wait, this will be my first one Happy Holidays!

  7. I just ordered my unrefined coconut oil from amazon!! im very excited and this will be my first challenge as a hairlista.

  8. I haven't done a challenge in a while and this one sounds like a winner, especially for this coooooold Winter weather. I'm in!

  9. i am in ! i need to give this oil another try, coz too many ppl rave about it, lol


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