Raven Symone Showing Off Her Natural Hair!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Raven is appearing more in the media since her weight loss, now she's popped up again due to her new hair do'. She's natural! In my opinion it looks nice on her. I wonder if she will remain Natural? Or is this just a break from the weave, pony tails and wigs? Hmm..we'll see!


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  1. She's actually been natural for quite awhile (but wears weaves for convenience). She spoke on Wendy Williams about how some blog (Perez maybe) called her a poodle or something when she was wearing her hair natural. She cuts her hair often so I think that's why it's on the short side now.

  2. Raven looks gorgeous in the first picture. She radiates confidence!

    God bless!

    ps. I really like her hair!

  3. wow she went a bit shorter. she did an interview on CurlyNikki.com recently and her hair looked a bit longer. i like it shorter! she's really cute though so it doesn't really matter how she wears her hair.

  4. she looks great with the weight loss as well as the natural hair.
    BUT...her outfit is horrid.

  5. That's right Sewdope, she was on CurlyNikki and shared a great deal. I'm just glad that people are embracing their own hair, even if it's relaxed. Imagine if they stopped wearing weaves, the weave business would be in a pickle !

  6. i think she's always been natural but likes to wear the weaves in public. she's talked about enjoying doing diff. things to her real hair like cuts and color but that it freaks people out. i think that was more of a concern when she was regularly on tv and wanted to have a certain look b/c of the responses. she mentioned having fun w/ her real hair otherwise. i think it's cute.

  7. i remeber a time when i used to think this was her hair. man was i naive... lol it's not a look i would personally go for but she is pulling it off. i think she might stick with it simply because her confidence might have gone up with the whole weight loss thing. she might feel less pressured if she is feeling good about herself.

  8. Yesss I love her hair! Hip Hip horray Raven finally went natural! And she looks beautiful with it! Its a shame Perez called her a poodle...Haters! But I was surprised at how short her hair is...I thought underneath her weave it would be probably shoulder length. I'm just happy that she is excepting her natural beauty!


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