Top 7 Ways To Beat Dry Hair

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Top 7 Ways To Beat Dry Hair

  1. Use a moisturizing shampoo - Look for shampoo's that are opaque in color since they tend to have little to no harsh ingredients that will strip the hair of it's moisture.

  2. Deep condition with a rich moisturizing conditioner - Regularly go under the dryer or heating cap for 20-30 mins with a thick moisture rich conditioner. If you don't have a heat source, leave it on for 1 hr with a plastic cap and towel wrapped around your hair. This will help minimize damage, and hydrate your hair.

  3. Conditioner wash (co-wash) if you must - Washing your hair with conditioner is one of the easiest and quickest ways to cleanse/moisten the hair without stripping the natural oils. Always use a moisturizing conditioner for this process. Tip: add a dime size amount of the conditioner, you used to co-wash, back into the hair as part of your leave-in conditioner for extra moisture.

  4. Moisturize and seal often - Moisturize and seal (applying a small amount of natural oil to your ends i.e. olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil etc.) your ends daily (recommended) or just a few times a week . Always use a water based moisturizer. Tip: Try to part your hair in sections for efficient coverage.

  5. Do a protein treatment - Regular protein treatments are good for the hair since hair is made up of protein. Protein helps to rebuild the structure of the hair. It helps to fill in the cracks/open spaces along the hair shaft thus allowing the hair to keep in more moisture.

  6. Use acidic products to match the pH level of your hair - Hair in its healthiest state is at a pH level of 4.5-5.5, which is acidic. Acidic products help to compact the hair cuticles having them lay flat and constricted thus making it hard for moisture to escape. Acidic products also give your hair a nice shine too. Tip: Citric Acid is known to adjust the pH level in most shampoos and conditioners down to a pH level of 4.5-5.

  7. Hot oil treatments - Hot oil treatments are one of the best treatments for dry, brittle hair. If done regularly, hot oil treatments help to correct the moisture balance in the hair. It also increases elasticity in the hair thus aiding in length retention. Tip: For severe dry ends, dampen the hair with water, apply the oil to the ends first, then place a plastic cap over the hair overnight for maximum penetration. Shampoo or co-wash in the morning.


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  1. Thanks for this SunShyne =] I'm sure this will really help I'm building up a regime for myself as I type hehe and congrats on the new baby! =D


  2. hey sunshyne!
    how can you tell if a product is acidic? are there any acidic products you recommend??*thanks*

  3. Thank you, My hair so needed this article

  4. Hello! thanks for this very helpful article on how to beat dry hair.
    Anyway, since this is a hair blog, i would like to share An article by on how to achieve a Tokyo Silky Straight hair.Please check it out. thanks!

  5. Hey sunshine :) thanks for psoting this, though I'm wondering, would Glycerin not help either?
    Also I'm planning on buying a steamer, what're your thoughts on them?

  6. @ D.I.A-B.A.Y - Aww thank you!! He's growing like a weed. I'm glad this article helped. All these tips helped me tremendously.

    @Anonymous - Good question. Take a look at this previous article I wrote:

    Ingredient Spotlight: Citric Acid


    @ Anonymous - No problem :)

    @ Irev - Your welcome!

    @ KIGH - Glycerin is a great moisturizer. However, it must be diluted with water since it's so concentrated. I love hair steamers!! I think it's a good thing that you are getting one. They help the hair in so many ways. It also speeds up hair growth by opening up the hair follicles via the steam. Where do you plan on buying it from?

  7. Great Tips! Thanx Sunshyne

  8. I love chi for a heat protectant! However right now I am on a budget! Does anyone know any inexpensive heat protectants?

  9. Landed on this blog, 2 hours just before I needed to know the 7 ways to beat dry hair:-)