Hair Update: Got a Trim :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's been a while since I did an update so here it goes...

I relaxed my hair back in February 2011 and to my surprise it was waist length (yay!) however; my ends where not up to my standards. They looked thinner than usual so I decided to trim it a little passed BSL since the length that I want to maintain is MBL. I trimmed it in March (after a wash and blow dry) and I'm loving it!!! I really can't handle waist length hair, it's just too much work. I love BSL/MBL hair. It's perfect for me. So that's pretty much it, where the trim is concerned. From now on I'll be growing it back to MBL and maintaining that length & thicker ends, trimming it every other relaxer.

Unfortunately, my regimen is almost non existent, LOL. It's sad to say, but I'm not as ridged with my hair as I was before. I've been co-washing a few times a week and only deep conditioning maybe once a week?! Moisturizing and sealing once every 2-3 days?! Horrible and unacceptable! I know :( I've been slacking a bit since life has become a little hectic for the past couple months (moving into a new house, traveling, death of a family member etc.) but that is about to change. I'll definitely be going back to my old regimen. That's life I guess. That just goes to show that sometimes life gets in the way but you have to pick up where you left off and continue on.

As of now, I'm currently 7 weeks post relaxer, due for a relaxer early May. I will be self relaxing at home as usual. I plan on using a different neutralizing shampoo this time around. I noticed that ORS Neutralizing shampoo is a bit drying so I will be experimenting with Motions moisturizing neutralizing shampoo. I heard great things about it so I'll test it out and see. Expect product reviews shortly :)


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  1. beautiful as always sunshyne! and congrats on're everyone's inspiration =)

  2. Sorry about all that you've been through recently. It's a pity that your ends were not the way you wanted them but like you said, you don't think you can handle that length. I just reached armpit length and I was so excited. Can't wait to reach BSL and eventually MBL like you. Waist length is def not for me either. Thanks for being a great mentor. You got me on this exciting journey of hair growth when I discovered your blog one year ago.

  3. Oh this sounds great! I cannot believe you made it to waist length- YOU GO GIRL!!!! I am just so proud of you , Sunshyne. I use you and the hairlista newtwork in my hair growth testimony because your pictures are so telling, and you're not afraid to be honest with yourself about your hair and its maintenance. You are definitely right about 'life' getting on the way sometimes..yup,just pic up and keep going! Congratulations.

  4. your hair is still looking lovely as ever=)

  5. I love this picture.... Congrat's on your hair growth and I know that you'll be back on track with your regimen soon.

  6. Omg your hair is beautiful. You are my hair idol.

  7. Great update, you will be back on track soon.Love the pic.

  8. Great photo! Glad to see you back online :) We missed you :p.

  9. if you DCing only once a week is "unacceptable," then i've really crossed the line: i only DC 2x a month, and i don't usually cowash! D: anyway, your hair looks beautiful Sunshyne (: do you know of any good flat irons btw?

  10. @UAN - thank you my dear. Life has been crazy busy but everything is better now so I'll be able to get back on track ASAP. I'm honored to be called a mentor. I appreciate your love and support of my blog. How sweet of you. Keep in touch always :)

    @withintheword - it's the truth Hun. Lol. Thank you soooo much.

    @lovelyti- thank you girl. Long time no chat. Hope all is well on your end :)

    @anonymous- thanks! That pic was taken in Jamaica :) Yes I hope to be back on track shortly.

    @Tiffiney- oh wow thanks girlie :)

    @DesseyGT- thanks for the love :)

    @Anonymous- Thank you! I missed you all too!!!

    @Tay- Oh no please don't look at it like that. I never meant, in no way shape or form, that those who dc twice a month are lesser or neglecting their hair. Washing frequently is just something I've grown accustomed over the years so anything less is as if I'm neglecting my hair. Please don't feel that way :)

    Some good flat irons would be chi, fhi, sedu, etc. Those can all be found at

  11. Hello Sunshyne. I am new to Hairlista and joined after being highly encouraged by you YB videos. I have always had healthy SL or close to APL hair, but now my nape area is damaged from winter coats and there are some areas that are longer than others. I started a regimen about 2 months ago, and am quite happy to say that I see growth in those weak areas. I have 2 questions for you: (1) Do you still air dry your hair, and (2) do you always air dry your hair? Thank you for your time and efforts in assisting others with their hair journey. I wish you the very best in all your endeavors.

  12. Sorry to hear about ur lose.... Oh in by the way congrat on ur being MBL... I love ur it's looks so healthy in pretty...

  13. I want to thank you for your inspiration and honesty. I have recently found your blog and am thankful for it...I need to be accountable to someone to stay true to my regimen.My goal is to have waist length hair, so I will be walking slow and steady upon my journey! Your a blessing to so many woman! Thank you!:D

  14. I think your hair looks great, hopefully one day I can get that type of length. I have a long way to go, right now I am at bottom of neck length. Came across your blog while doing a search and have been reading the blog since then. I have learned so much from it. Keep up the good work.

  15. You look Wonderfully Blessed! Congrats on Your New Life and May God continue to Bless You and Your Family Abundantly! Also I Pray for God's Peace and Comfort in Your Loss.

  16. Your hair looks beautiful .... as always, and we're so happy to get an update from you. Sorry about family loss and congrats and good luck with moving and everything else! God Bless

  17. I love Motions! Some people I know don't like it but I even use the neutralizing shampoo as reg shampoo. It really helped my hair growth and I am getting ready to go back to it

  18. Your hair looks great! very healthy. Do you have any tips on at home relaxing?

  19. @ ManeEvent - Congrats on joining Hairlista! I'm happy to hear that you are getting great results. I still air dry my hair and I always air dry. I use heat on relaxer days.

    @ iunique81 - Thank you so much!

    @ Bonita - No problem. I wish you all the best on your hair journey and I hope that you can use Hairlista and Hairlicious to help you through your journey. Good luck with everything.

    @ Shari - Thank you for the hair compliment and for tuning into my blog :)

    @ Anonymous - Awww thank you so much!!!! You made my hear smile :)

    @ Traci- Thank you so much for the compliment :)

    @ Anonymous - Motions is a great line. I used to use the relaxer and I never had a bad experience. I would recommend it.

    @ Kristin - Thanks! Check out this link on self relaxing

  20. Thats a cute pic. sorry to hear about ur lose..ur hair look so healthy,did u took any pic with ur wl hair before u cut it?

  21. Hi hon - thanks for the update. I've been MIA myself lately. I just used the Motions neutralizing poo and I liked it a lot...def not drying. Your hair looks fab! Looking forward to more updates :)

  22. I can't believe how long your hair is now. It looks wonderful. You have truly done a good job in maintaining it.


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