Got My First Pack Of Henna!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

I picked up my first pack of henna today. It's called Nupur 100% Natural Mehendi. It's packed with 9 Herbs i.e. Brahmi, Shikakai, Aloe Vera, Methi, Bhringraj, Amla, Neem, Hibiscus, Jatamansi.

I'm so excited. I've heard nothing but POSITIVE things where this brand of henna is concerned, so I'm anxious to try it out.

Many say that they experience soft, shiny, silky hair and that's exactly what I want!! LOL I'm trying figure out when I will get a chance to give it a go since henna takes several hours to do.

Once I try it out I'll report back with the results. Chances are, it will be next week.

Has anyone tried this henna? If so, what were your results? What do you think about henna in general? How has it helped your hair?


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  1. Hey, Sunshyne. I haven't tried this henna. I forgot the name of the henna I had. I had great results though. Thanks for posting this. I look forward to your results. Also, I noticed that this was has several key herbs that I've tried before and liked. I will definitely be looking into this brand more.

  2. I never ever tried hena,I'm to skerrred to try it.But! I will definitely be checking back in for your results.You're going to take some pics,right?

  3. Henna and I are bff's. I started it about 6 months ago and I love the strength and the overall improved condition of my hair. Most of all I love the color. My hair is naturally reddish brown so it makes my hair a nice bright but deep red. Best cheap product for hair by far. I love Reshma brand, I've never tried the Napur.

  4. Henna is obsolutely AMAZING.... it is every black woman's dream, whether nautral or relaxed! It makes your hair extremely silky and you will wonder where it has been all of your life!Nupur is one of the more moisturizing ones, but dont be afraid to experiment with adding things to it like a little oil/ honey and so forth, and think about weather you want to use tea as a base. Definitely use filtered water. You can eventually add other herbs to change the color, which wouldnt be too obvious on you anyhow, being that you already have darker hair. Check your dye release time and how long you should leave it in. You can try different Body Art Quality brands that dye differently and have different consistencies. **Be careful b/c Nupur is one of the very FEW hennas that are safe and dont say BAQ!!** Also, you need at least 3-4 applications before your hair truly TRANSFORMS, so PLEASE dont give up! I am so excited you jumped on the henna band wagon :-)

    ~Healthy Hair blessings~

  5. I have never used Henna. Looking forward to your results. I would like to try Henna, but I'm afraid.

  6. ITA w/withinthword.... henna is amazing!!! I use the exact brand that you have purchased and I just love the way it makes my hair feels!! I have been a "henna head" for a little over two years now and that is the one staple in my HJ that I have no intentions of changing!!! stay blessed

  7. Thank you ladies SOOO MUCH for opening up about your experience and knowledge about Henna. You all don't understand, I'm extremely excited and ready to try my henna. I think I may push back my relaxer just to try it out. Let's see.

    Thank you AGAIN :)


  8. Hi Sunshine, I am so glad that you have been having such great success since I read your post about your hairgrowth past your midback length goal. I tried Henna, but it was quite a few years ago, and I must be honest, I did not like it for several reasons. It is probably improved by now, however I have not tried it again yet. I would like remind you not to be too eager just yet about this nor any product you have never used. I KNOW! No matter how much success other ladies have had, this product may not give the results that others claimed. If you use it, try to follow the "Try it on a tiny area in the back" suggestion, first, just to see if you like it and if it is the right match for your hair. That way, you have not put it on your entire head if there is anything you don't care for. You have worked very hard to have the beautiful hair that you have, and you deserve to keep that success. HHJ!

  9. Hi, This is the only henna I use and have used it since July 2010. I mix it with hot blueberry tea in a metal bowl (dollar store purchase). After the dye release I use coconut milk, an omega 3 enriched egg, and oils(jojoba, wheat germ, and avocado) I also add some cloves for a nice aroma. I like to put in on at night ans wash out in the morning and then put my indigo on for 2 hours and then DC under my steamer for 20 minutes. I Love it! I hope you enjoy it as well.

  10. I've been wanting to try henna for years, but have been too scared to try it. I think my hair is in good enough condition to try it now. Can't wait to read about your results!

  11. First I want to say I absolutely LOVE your blog!

    I live in the Greater Toronto Area (Scarborough). Where can I find this Henna? also, where can I find the new CON Shampoo (the one you did a review on)?

    Stay blessed.


  12. Don't know what Henna is or what it is used for, but I am looking forward to your results.

  13. I love this henna! I've been using it for about 7months now. I especially love using it when I'm about to straighten my hair. My hair comes out so nicely.

    Does anyone know where I could get in the GTA (Toronto, Scarborough Area) Indigo though. I'm not too fond of the colour that this Henna leave in my hair.


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