Guess What I Got In The Mail - My NEW Hair Therapy Wrap

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I had this product in the past but my hair therapy wrap broke on me. Here is the new one I ordered. I'm excited to try this new and improved model. It made my hair feel amazing in the past so I'm hoping I get the same results, if not better than before. I changed the wrap color this time around to brown :)


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  1. I have been wanting to order one of these. I would love the convenience of deep moisturizing my hair without being bound by the hair dryer. Enjoy! I think I just might order me one! :D

  2. I have the same exact one. It was a replacement for me too because my pack exploded on my last one. I like the packs on this one better because they are sealed better and tighter allowing less room for air bubbles to form and to cause it to explode again. I've had it way longer than my other one too.

  3. Hey ! That cool , I was planning on getting myself one too . What brand is that , and which site did you order from ? Thanks

  4. thanks for the info sunshine...added to my wishlist. seems like i will be a little more mobile with this cap. going to purchase soon!

  5. Where did you order this one from.

  6. Let us know the results of this!

  7. Mine should be shipped this week, I ordered it Saturday online from treasured locks for 1/2 price at $10.99 w/shipping and handling came up to $16 plus. I can't wait, looking forward to use it on me and my daughters hair hopefully this weekend.

  8. I love how thick your hair is from root to tip. How are you able to achieve such wonderful results?


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