Ready To Relax? Here are some Do's & Don'ts to remember!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chemically relaxing your hair is something that shouldn't be taken lightly, especially if you are self-relaxing. It's a serious task, therefore; one should proceed with caution at all times to avoid unnecessary consequences such as burning, irritation, breakage or even hair loss.

Below, I've outlined several tips to implement and common mistakes to avoid. I practice all of the tips listed and I really believe in them too. Just wanted to share. Hopefully they will help you!
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  1. Great tips! i will definitely follow these tips! thnx!!! =)

  2. how long should u refrain from working out when u plan to relax?

  3. Just read this yesterday and the last Don't is something I am guilty of....never even thought about it til reading it here....will definitely be correcting that one next relaxer!

  4. ♥BlueandBlessed♥August 11, 2011 at 2:49 PM

    As "GiGi" said: Dont #6 Never thought of this one either. Will start doing this next Relaxer/Texlaxer

    I made me a little mental note and chart, to remember this...Godly~Gee! Thanks Sunshyne, You're just full of all kinds of goodies....

    Although all of tips are a fresh reminder.....


  5. Do you do the protein treatment the week before, the week after or the same day of the relaxer?

  6. #4 do... i dont do. leaving it on 5-10 extra mins. & #6 don't....i do. i will keep these tips in mind thanks!

  7. No wonder I noticed hair breakage and thinning. Guess I am also guilty of #6. Thank you so much for the tips.

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  8. i have a quick qus just wanted to know what will happen if you put the relaxer on the length of the hair because my hair dresser always does that....ty in advance :)

  9. I agree above the Do's and Dont't's for hair. Its really true and I witness it. Thank you.

  10. it was sure a pleasure of mine to make one comment on this blog. Have bookmarked this website for future reference. Will definitely share this info with friends


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