I Love My Shower Filter!

Monday, August 15, 2011

My shower filter, by far, is one of the BEST things I've purchased for my hair this year! It was everything my hair was looking for and needing (check this post to read about my hard water issues). For my first use, I made sure I used my clarifying shampoo so that all the buildup (mineral deposits) from previous wash days wouldn't inhibit my results and how my hair would react to the water.

After my initial use, I instantly felt the difference in my hair while wet and while I was air drying. While wet, my hair was smoother in texture and softer. The water felt gentle and it didn't have an odor like before. Once my hair air dried, it felt as though the products I used actually penetrated my strands. Not to say that it didn't before, however; the water gave my products a boost in effectiveness- so it seems. My hair air dried softer than usual, smoother, very fluffy with bounce (a lot more movement than normal) and less tangles!!!

My first experience with my shower filter was a huge upgrade from what I've been accustomed too. I'm looking forward to less bad hair days and dryness now!

It's a staple :)

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  1. i keep saying that i'm going to get one! it seems really beneficial

    Vonnie of Socialitedreams.com

  2. COrrect me if I'm wrong but isn't pimento chilli? So are you actually talking about putting chilli oil in your hair cause that seems abrasive as hell!

  3. Yes it's an amazing investment. I think everyone should have one.

    No pimento oil is not chilli. Strong roots pimento oil will not burn the scalp and it's 100% safe to apply to the scalp.