Extending The Castor Oil & Strong Roots Challenges?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

So both Challenges end 2 weeks from now and as we speak people are still joining both challenges at a speedy rate.

My question to you all is, would you like both challenges to be extended? My personal opinion is to have both extended so that I can send out the prizes after my exams when I`m less busy. I can devote more time to you all :)


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  1. Thanks for this option, as the contestants will have improved results and their hair & roots will thank them!!

  2. I would love if you could extend the challenges. I'm currently doing the Castor Oil Challenge right now and I have noticed people joining every single day. I think it would be nice to extend it just so they can feel like they're apart of it. The results will be amazing, I'm sure!

  3. if you do extend them, how many weeks will you add?

  4. Well I will post my results in Dec, but I am going to stop in when it is over. It's been a challenge sticking to the regimen. I have gotten great results, but I am bored with the castor oil. I'm ready to try something new. If people keep joining will you keep extending?!?! I think it should be a new challenge added, even if you delay prizes because people thats 3 months in will always be ahead of the people just joining.