Shedding with Strong Roots Red Pimento Oil Questions Answered

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

From the Desk Of Lois Reid-Hines...

How to Use and What to Expect from Tropic Isle Living’s Strong Roots Red Pimento Hair Growth Oil

Ladies, first let me say thank you for your continued support of our product line. You all have been such a blessing to our cause for providing natural and wholesome products for a healthy and beautiful you. You are the reason why The Tropic Isle Brand is making a positive mark in the community of health and beauty.

As always we love to hear feedback from our clients and share information that will aid you in your quest for a healthy hair, skin and body. In this blog I would like to address some questions regarding how to use and what to expect when using Strong Roots Red Pimento Hair Growth Oil.

First I must say that I am overjoyed with the overwhelming positive feedbacks I have received on how beneficial Strong Roots have been to many of you. I have countless of testimonials on how it has thickened, strengthened and lengthened your hair. Of course we have a few people who have a few concerns regarding how Strong Roots works. One of the popular question concerns shedding.

From the outset I must tell you not to be alarmed if some of you experience shedding when you begin to massage Tropic Isle Living’s Strong Roots Red Pimento Hair Growth Oil into your scalp. Be confident that that you are infusing your scalp with high quality oils including Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Red Pimento Oil and other healthy oils that breathe life into your scalp by fortifying and stimulating your hair roots.

The shedding you may experience when you first massage Strong Roots into your scalp is hair that’s already dead that is being loosened up. STRONG ROOTS DOES NOT INCREASE SHEDDING. This happens mainly because your hair is at the end of its natural telogen stage or forced there due to the use of products with sodium hydroxide or other stressors. In other words your hair is keratinized or dead and is getting ready to shed. Strong Roots basically speeds up the loosening of this dead hair as it stimulates your hair follicles for new growth. Another way to look at it is to think of Strong Roots as a gardener clearing his plants of dead leaves so that newer and healthier leaves and fruits can appear.

Strong Roots Red Pimento Hair Growth Oil eliminates dead hair while strengthening the roots paving the way for new beautiful strong and glorious hair at the root.

Here are some of the wonderful testimonials from some of our customers who use STRONG ROOTS.

Candiidelight: this product is wonderful! I saw result in my daughter's hair and mine also within hair is thicker, stronger at the roots and healthy! I’ve been on Castor oil for yr and my hair has never been more healthy than it is now...I’ve used the pimento oil for 2 months and it has the same effect as the Jamaican [Black Castor] Oil,[it's] just a bit faster in hair growth. I love this product and will continue to use them on my family hair.

Elveda: wow this is a great product I use this twice a week and it has made hair grow on my hair line that I thought would never grow I can’t recall when I brought this but it’s almost finished I will order another one next week. it does work on thinning hair.

YourLuckyDay: Oh My God! It does exactly what it says on the tin! i used it once during a deep condition and oh my god. Shedding stopped literally over night!! I need to save up and buy a whole batch to be shipped over! So impressed. I will buy again and highly recommend

Cyrus: The Red Pimento Oil is INCREDIBLE!!!!! I am seeing results, my light patch on my head is starting to fill in and thicken up. I think by the time I finish the bottle, the problem will be rectified. And just to the think, the dermatologist suggested Rogaine....LOL... Yeah right... Rogaine has nothing on your Red Pimento Oil. Has anyone else responded with any results? This thing is fabulous.

Natural Hair

Strong Roots can be applied daily or every other day as the hair is in its natural state with no other chemical or additives to cause stress and tension. Apply strong directly on the scalp and massage for a minute or two to aide with penetration and circulation of the scalp.

Perm/Textured Hair

Strong Roost is best used as a hot oil treatment once per week prior to wash. You may choose to use this product twice per week but no more than twice. Please apply small amount to scalp ONLY gentle massage for one to two minutes. Note that perm and textured hair are exposed to the stressors of harsh chemicals. Such hair needs the greatest of care to maintain a balanced healthy hair as much as nature allow.


Apply to scalp once per week prior to wash (if this is not possible) apply to scalp once the weave and or braids have been removed. Please note that weaves and braids cause a lot of stress on the scalp and gives way to poor circulation hence the risk hair loss is great.


See the instructions above to care for your natural hair or perm/textured hair under the wig.


• All Hair types can use strong roots as a hot oil treatment once per week prior to shampoo. Please ensure your shampoo is sulfate free for optimal results. Our Black Castor Oil Shampoo is sulfate free
• In a hurry or just want a quick hair treatment to rejuvenate your hair apply strong roots to the scalp massage as usual and then do a condition wash immediately. This is my girl on the run method…smile
• Use sulphate free hair care products, stay away from beauty products with sodium hydroxide. Some of these products leave the hair in a poor state.
• Mix a small amount of strong roots to your favorite hair grease and apply to scalp.
• Apply Strong Roots to scalp after hair wash and condition regiment is completed, then apply leave in condition…this is best used for natural hair.

- Lois Reid-Hines

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  1. Hi, On the bottle of strong roots it says to use before washing the hair, but I read here that you can apply it to the scalp daily and also mix some in hair grease and apply it to the scalp.Are you still washing it out or can it be left in.

  2. @Anonymous - I use it the exact way it says on the bottle. I don't leave it on overnight nor do I mix it with anything. I use it 20-30mins before I shampoo, massage it in, then I shampoo. That's it. Hope that helps.

    ♥ Sunshyne

  3. Hi I've used this product only twice and my hair seems really fried. My hair type is straight, or white girl hair as some people say, and i was wondering would that be the problem? I've never had a problem with dry hair before I was just In need of the extra volume. Please help!