Wash Day - Hair Steaming Experience

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I must admit, I haven't been steaming my hair as much as I use to and this past Thursday (Wash day) I got right back into routine. I went under my steamer (on dry hair) with my Bee Mine Bee-U-Ti-Ful Deep Conditioner mixed with my favourite 3 Penetrating Oils (3PO) i.e. Coconut oil, Avocado oil and Extra Virgin Olive oil. I put Tropic Isle Red Pimento Oil in my scalp before I applied the deep conditioner mix, just so that I can get a scalp treatment at the same time. I was under the steamer for a total of 30mins. Before I co-washed, my hair was extremely moist and buttery soft as if it completely drank up all the conditioner and oils. Best feeling ever!

I proceeded to cowash out my deep conditioner with Aussie Moist, then detangled. My hair felt like a dream!! My hair definitely thanked me. Even 3 days later (as I'm typing this), my hair still feels extremely soft and hydrated. I can't stop touching it. I guess I didn't realize how much my hair missed steaming. It's a "MUST HAVE" product for all hair types (especially dry thirsty hair types) on a hair journey. Just had to share my experience! :)

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  1. Agreed, I'm still in awe out how much of a difference steaming makes!

  2. Hey, how did you dry your hair, for this wash day?

  3. I agree! Steaming is the best! I am just confused how many times can I do it in a day?....I either choose to use it for my pre-poo or my deep condition.

  4. Thanks for sharing! Its been a minute since I have done a dc on dry hair. I'm definitely doing it my next wash day. I don't have a steamer so I wrap a hot damp towel around my hair and cover with a plastic cap. Works great! Have a blessed week! :o)

  5. Only you can look cute while steaming your hair. You are right I bought that heautiful steamer and I need to be using it. I should steam more often it is been almost a year now and thatis ridiculous.

  6. i havent able to find a steamer in my country :( but i read about towel steaming and i do love the results my conditoner does penetrate better...

  7. Which steamer do you have? I want one soooooooooo bad!

  8. Are you still using the same steamer from your youtube video?

  9. @EbonyCPrincess - Doesn't it?! Oh I love it!!

    @Anonymous - I applied my leave-in conditioner and I air dried my hair, then I moisturized.

    @classib - Prepoo or deep condition is perfect for steaming. I would say that its best to steam biweekly or once a month. Not several times a day. HTH.

    @CBCLady - Yes that's a great alternative. Thanks for sharing hun!

    @Noveechops- LOL Thanks hun! Don't wait any longer. Girl, pull out the steamer and use it!!! Your hair will love you.

    @Lissa - The hot towel technique works great for many. I'm happy to hear that you've received great results with that method.

    @Amija - Sorry hun, I'm not sure the brand or where it's from. It was a birthday present. I'm sure you can find one online i.e. amazon etc.

  10. @HoneeTheBee- Yes ma'am :) same steamer!

  11. I saw in a video where you apply conditioner and then braid your hair. Do you do that when you steam? Is it effective? I look around online and I see people leave their hair open and steam. Ordering my steamer Friday!

  12. is the results of deep conditioning under a steamer different from using a hooded or bonnet dryer?

  13. @ Aunaturel - Yes I do leave my hair open when I steam. No need for a plastic cap. Yes I do section my hair and twist it so that every strand is coated with conditioner.

    @ Anonymous - I would say yes. It's much more moisturizing and the conditioner absorbs much better with a steamer since its using moist heat to aid the conditioner in penetrating the strands.

  14. Hi Sunshyne,
    I have a jar of raw Shea Butter and I has wonder how I could use I in my hair

    1. Hi Shaunice. I say melt the Shea butter and use it as a prepoo before you shampoo or add a couple teaspoons in your deep conditioner.

  15. Hi. Ok maybe I'm just being unrealistic but after all the ho ahh!! I heard abt this DC I purchased it.
    Used it for the 1st time today and I was left thinking is that it??

    But after seeing that ur hair felt like a dream I'm heer feeling very jealous indeed lol
    I will try it again but this time adding my oils to it too

    You DC on dry hair, right?

    Pls reply

  16. Yes dry hair indeed. Add the oils in too. I find the conditioner penetrates better. Try clarifying first and see if that helps

  17. Does anyone know the shelf life for raw shea butter; I've had some for about a year and didn't really know what to do with it and if using it on my hair helps I would like to use it up. Thanks


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