I Got A Trim!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I caved! 

I couldn't stand the feel and texture of my ends since my last relaxer in July 2012... so I decided to get a trim. I still have length, which I'm happy about, and my ends look much healthier. In this photo, my hair was flat ironed with my "1 Hana Flat Iron. My hair feels much better overall.

Health first, always!

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  1. Your hair looks great!! I'm over here fighting the trim bug. But I really do need to trim. The only thing saving me is that I protective style 99% of the time.


  2. @ GrowItGirl - Thank you!!
    @ GuyaneseSista - Thank you so much. Not seeing your hair really helps to avoid trimming often. However, if it needs to be done, don't be afraid :)

  3. Ughhhh why is your hair SO perfect?! ;-) It's stunning, I love your perfect ends!

  4. Just gorgeous, thick hair! Seeing your full ends definitely makes me want to trim mine

  5. Looks good sis! Real full and healthy! I will get there one day!

  6. Your hair is gorgeous!!! i'll be there one day!!!

  7. Thank you ladies for your kind words!! I appreciate it :)

  8. How dare you say you still have length... Of course you do and it looks wonderful lol. Thanks to your updated regimen, I am switching to lye relaxers. You will always be an inspiration.

    1. @Tasia - Lol. Why thank you Hun :) With Lye relaxers your hair holds on to moisture better. Hope it works out for you. I'm honored to be considered an inspiration. Thank you!!

  9. Yes you are my inspiration as well!!! You really are! Your video was the first I stumbled on back in February, 2012 and it made my jaw drop with envy!! It opened a whole new world to me! Thanks for your continued helpful and thoughtful advice on twitter.
    May God keep on blessing you :)

  10. @Sweetheart - Awww wow. Your welcome :) Thank you so much for sharing that with me. I'm escatic that my video was able to motivate and inspire you! Thank you for your continued support. Keep in touch!!

  11. I am having lots of hair envy over here. Your hair looks amazing! The trim was done perfectly. I have a looooooong way to go but you are my hairspiration. :-)

  12. @Altesse00- Thank you :)!!!
    @CessB- Why thank you my dear! Keep at it! You'll be there in no time :)

  13. Your hair is gorgeous. I need to trim my ends they are just messed up and always getting knotted & tangled. Going to wait until my next touch up to trim mine. Do you cut your hair when it is wet or dry?

  14. @Princess - Thank you Hun. Don't avoid that trim. You'll fall in love with your hair after :) I always cut my hair when it's dry and freshly flat ironed.

  15. hello i wanted to know wat all products you use and how often you use it my daughter has breakage and damaged hair and i would like to follow you regimen so if you could please help me

  16. @Anonymous - Hi hun. You can find my regimen here: http://www.hairliciousinc.com/2008/03/har.html. For further help, please use the "contact us" form so we can discuss things in detail.


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