Relaxer Day Soon Approaching!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My new growth is in full effect and I'm going on 10 weeks post relaxer. I plan on relaxing next week at 11 weeks post.  Above, are my staple products that I always use during my relaxer process. Today, I made a trip to the Beauty Supply store to restocked my stash!

I bought the Organic Root Stimulator Tub size relaxer because it makes more sense for a person like me who usually finishes an entire jar each session. The tub saves me money and the extra trip to the BSS (Beauty Supply Store). ORS Replenishing Conditioner provides my hair with both strength and moisture. It's the perfect balance. I prefer Motions Neutralizing Shampoo over the ORS Neutralizing Shampoo simply because its much more moisturizing and it has slip (review coming soon).

Can't wait!

P.S. Yes,  I'll still be doing the Castor Oil Challenge after I relax.

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  1. I like the motions brand as well. When I used the shampoo for the first time years ago, probably in 2003 or 2004, I loved how soft it made my hair feel. It also made my hair stretch but back then I didnt know anything about hair elasticity and what it meant.

  2. Im self relaxing at 13 weeks for the first you have any suggestions for a first timer.

  3. What is the difference between ORS repleneshing conditioner and repleneshing Pak? I mean what different effects do they have on the conditioning?

  4. Put your relaxer in an applicator bottle so you only hit your ng (if you are already relaxed and just self relaxing for the 1st time). Mix a lil conditioner and/or oils with you condish this will help if your timing isn't good (since your 1st time self relaxing). Def section your hair and do a strand test. If your front/back relax quick start w the part of your hair that takes longer to relax. Be careful w your edges if you have weak edges (edges/nape tend to be the most volunerable) I relax my edges last bcz they take no time to get straight. I don't want them to fry. Because of my eczema my nape takes longer so I go a lil harder back there and no matter what it still comes out curly...but I don't care curly is good. I give myself a kwik protein treatment bfr neutralizing. I use plain Greek yogurt & aphogee 2 min recon then I proceed w neutralizing this has cut down on shedding after a fresh relaxer tremendously. I started my hair journey w poor conditioned hair so I had to go a lil hard w protein in whatever treatment I did. Hope this helps. I'm sure you have already relaxed by now lol. I got all this tips from Hairliciousinc & various YT vids. I'm no sunshyne, or guru but these methods has truly helped me being a newbie myself back then

  5. Hi Sunshyne,

    How are you? I know this is an old post but I've recently started my hair journey and began following you. First I would like to say, thank you so much for blessing me & many others with your knowledge of how to care for our glory. I have a question for you. I would like to relax my hair at home using the ORS relaxer that you've been speaking so highly about. However, I've heard you have to be careful with "box perms" because they can damage the hair if it's "bad" etc. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? Or can you tell if a relaxer is "bad" prior to putting it on your hair?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    1. Hi hun, thank you so much for reading my blog. I appreciate your support! Yes I still use ORS Olive oil relaxer, however, I use the Lye version. This is not the box relaxer of which you speak of. I'm not familiar with knowing whether or not a box relaxer is "bad". There's no way to tell if the relaxer is "bad". I guess it all depends on how you mix it. Just remember to use a chelating shampoo as the relaxer can cause mineral deposits to build up on the hair. Hope that helps.