Have Your Say: What Type Of Hair Style Do You Wear The Most?

Monday, July 08, 2013

Hey guys! 

How do you wear your hair on a daily/weekly basis? I like to wear buns. I find it easy to do, it's less manipulation on my hair, and it holds the moisture in my hair longer.  Please share your favourite "go-to" style and why you desire this style? Does it promote growth, is it easier to manage? 

Have fun!
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  • Air dried & down/free
  • Buns
  • Heat-free styles (braid outs, twistouts, flexi rods)
  • Ponytails
  • Rollersets
  • Straight styles (flat iron, blow dry)
  • Curls (curling iron, curl wand)
  • Weave/Wigs
  • Braids
  • None of the above

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  1. Buns because they are very versatile and hold the moisture in my hair. I think they promote growth as long as the hair is not pulled too tight.

  2. My "go to" style is definitely buns! Low buns, middle buns, top knots, donuts.. But I'm starting to notice a little bit of breakage Im certain areas. Idk if its the type of hair bands I use ( goodies for thick hair) or not. I'm couple itches away from my hair goal of full mbl but I have a couple trouble spots, is it possible for too much bunning!?

    1. Same here!! I love high buns. In what areas are you noticing the breakage? i.e. temples? nape? crown? These areas are highly sensitive when bunning so it's best to be extra cautious on how tight you make your buns. I use a satin scrunchie so it's smooth and doesn't dry out my hair nor snag my ends. I got them from Walmart in the hair section.

  3. I wear my hair air dried and free or braidout/ Bantu knot out. I keep trying to put my hair up but it's so hard! Lol!