Twisty Bun - Protective Styling

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lately it's been pretty hot, smoggy and humid where I live. Bunning has been crucial as a method of retaining moisture in my hair. I felt the need to jazz up my bun a tiny bit by doing a snug 2 strand twisted bun. You can also call it a knot bun.  It's so easy to do. To my surprise it turned out pretty well!

I begin by moisturizing (Scurl No Drip Activator) and sealing (Wild Growth Oil or JBCO Argan Oil). Once my hair is twisted, I coil it around and then to secure it, I use 2 bobby pins (in total). One bobby pin to secure the end of the twist and another one at the side of the bun.

I find that this style is best for those who are all about easy styles, low manipulation and retaining moisture. Just wanted to share!

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  1. Your bun is beautiful.Stop by my blog sometimes!

  2. Its so beautiful and nicely done Sunshyne. I can't wait for my hair to reach APL so I can start bunning. So cool

    1. Thank you so much Nelly. It's so simple and fun.

  3. @sunshine I really like you hair and I hope that my hair will one day be like yours!!! (Fingers cross and a lot of treatment). Although you air dry your hair, you hair has a lot of movement. How do tou that? I followed step by step your YouTube video on air dry but my hair stay rigid after my air dry. Is it a product that you put that I've missed? I use the s-curl as well as a leave in.

  4. Hi!! I guess it depends in the treatment you use prior to air drying and applying the Scurl. Make sure you rinse your hair thoroughly so that there is no left over product residue. I usually DC with Silk elements Cholesterol or keracare humecto, t-shirt dry for 15 mins and then apply my leave-in (Scurl) and detangle. That's it. Nothing else. Hope that helps!! Email me if you need more assistance :)

  5. Hello. First off your site is awesome and really gets me through. Currently I use the sponge bun to perfect my bun. Do you think it's ok to use? I'm also looking for a good hair tie to use.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and for reading my blog. A sponge bun filler is perfectly fine to use. Just make sure your hair is well moisturized because they tend to make the hair dry. As for hair ties, do you mean ponytail holders? you can get satin ones from walmart and they dont pull the hair out. Hope that helps.

  6. hi sunshyne, the bun looks lovely, but i'm not sure i got how u do it.Can u please make us a video on how to get it done?
    Million thanx!

  7. Hi sunshyne, I had a queatiin. On hairliciousinc the regemen you use is that a good way to start ones hair care journey? I bought most of the products you use and I was just wondering if thats a good first step. Also, I'd there anything you can recommend for strengthening and thickening your hair? My hair is get thin and brittle.


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