Video: Hair Update + Hairlista Inc. Update + Castor Oil Challenge & More

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Finally a new video!
This video is basically just an update of my personal life, hair trim, Castor Oil Challenge, etc. basically a few things I've already mentioned here on my blog and the latest with Hairlista Inc. Clothing.


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  1. Congrats on gratuating and on your family!!!!

    I have a question for you:Do you guys oil your scalp with castor oil as well? Because I currently dont and I am considering to start oiling my scalp with either my leave-in (suggestion of a hairdresser) or using JBCO. I am scared though because I heard that oiling the scalp blocks the hair follicules and then eventually the hair follicule stops growing hair at all. Has you been oiling your scalp for a long time?

  2. Great Video Sunshyne ... love you gurl .

  3. Hi Sunshyne,
    Thanks for the update! I have a question for you. I've noticed my 15mo daughter's hair tends to soak up a lot of oil/moisture. I'm currently using Shea Moisture Coconut milk to moisturize and a little grapeseed oil to seal. However, by the time my husband or I pick her up from school, her hair is bone dry. Her hair appears to be trying to grow & I think it would do much better if it stayed moisturized throughout the day/night. When wet/freshly moisturized, her hair is very very curly/wavy. I've tried ORS Olive Oil Moisturizer & Cantu Moisturizer, both of which leave her hair hard. I've did a deep condition on her hair a couple of times. And I try to put castor oil/grapeseed oil on her hair the day before wash day & massage into her scalp. Any suggestions?
    Thank you in advance for your help!

  4. First, congratulations I am happy you graduated !And still time to keep this nice blog live! Thanks, will come back for more ;-) for sure.

  5. Great video! I like that you really look into the camera. Gives such a professional touch. So many bloggers look all over the places as if there are others i their rooms that Catch their attention. Great video!

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