L.O.C - Liquid, Oil, Cream Method

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The infamous L.O.C Method is not a stranger to many as it has been circulating the hair care world for quite some time now. Thirsty, dry, coarse, porous hair can really benefit from this method as it is known to intensely increase moisture levels in the hair. 

This step by step process is designed to lock moisture into the hair for longer periods of time, as a result many can go days without re-moisturizing their hair, thus aiding in length retention. 

Why is this process so special? It's all in the layering process! Each step serves a purpose. We all know the power of oils & creams and their ability to effectively seal in moisture into the hair. Oils lubricate and coat the hair shaft. Oils have the ability to create a layer along the hair shaft to prevent moisture from escaping. This is what we call sealing. Oils and creams/butters are known to be excellent sealers. 

A cream/butter is then used for the same purpose as the oil, however, creams/butters tend to be thick and creamy, thus ensuring no moisture is lost, allowing the hair to retain high moisture levels. By using an oil and then following up with a thick butter/cream, you are ensuring that all moisture remains in the hair shaft. L.O.C Method is extremely beneficial to those who exhibit struggles to maintain moisturized hair.

Easy Step-by-Step Instructions:
  1. Apply your water based leave-in conditioner or water based moisturizer to your hair in sections.
  2. Apply a thin layer of oil to each section of the hair to seal in moisture. Focus on your ends.
  3. Take your moisturizing cream or butter and apply it to the hair in sections. Seal in moisture.

L.O.C Method is just a method of reassuring that your hair is sealed every step of the way and stays that way. If you struggle with moisture retention give this a try - you just might like it!

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  1. What kind of cream could you use in the last step?

  2. What are some butters that can be used on relaxed hair?

  3. I will be trying this method! Sounds great for the colder months, when the hair is more prone to becoming dry.

  4. Which moisturizing cream would you suggest to use?

  5. What products do you use, especially the cream for L.O.C.