Tips On How To Strengthen The Demarcation Line

Sunday, March 30, 2014

While stretching your relaxers, it's important to keep the "Line of Demarcation", where the new growth and relaxed hair meet, strong to prevent any breakage. 

This meeting point is extremely delicate and prone to breakage as the new growth comes in. In comparison to the relaxed hair, the new growth is much thicker, coarser and drier than your relaxed strands. It is very easy for breakage to occur at the demarcation line because you are dealing with two different textures.  

To prevent breakage at the Line of Demarcation, here are a few tips:

1. Maintain a consistent moisture/protein balance. Regular protein treatments will fortify the hair making it strong and durable. Moisture treatments will help soften, moisturize and improve the hairs elasticity thus preventing breakage. There has to be a balance. 

2. Moisturize daily! Keep this delicate area moisturized as often as possible. Dryness is very common when new growth is growing in, so using a daily moisturizer (preferably a moisturizer in a spray bottle as you can target certain areas) is key. 

3. Detangle. It's very easy for new growth to get matted and tangled, which can cause breakage. Opt to use a detangler on wash days to help comb through knots. Remember to use a wide tooth comb and comb starting from the ends up to the roots. Part your hair in sections (6-8 sections) to make it easier. 

4. Low manipulation. While stretching your relaxers, try to leave your hair alone as often as possible. The more manipulation the more unnecessary breakage can occur. Opt for easy styles that create less stress on the hair. 

5. Protect your hair at night. Always protect your hair at night with either a satin/silk scarf or satin/silk bonnet. This will help lock moisture into the hair and prevent breakage around your hairline, nape and edges. 

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  1. Simple straight to the point tips but sooooo important!

  2. Great tips Sunshyne. I definitely need to moisturise my new growth more regularly to prevent breakage x

  3. Nice Post and very helpful tips ... Thanks you

  4. i just started using castor oil again on my new growth , i find that its doing a really good job at keeping that area moisturized for days.also great for that demarcation line. great tips

  5. Thanks for this! I wish I saw it before!! I just got my relaxer Friday! and I had some matting in my roots,but I worked through it and there wasn't much hair lost. I also needed to relax it a bit sooner.

  6. I found this very helpful, Thanks. I relax every 8-12 weeks and with my 4C hair I am always afraid that it snaps off right at that line.

    1. I'm happy to hear these tips have helped you!! That line is very fragile so proper care is necessary.