Recent Purchase: 100% Vegetable Glycerin

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Just purchased a bottle of 100% Vegetable Glycerin at the Health Food Store. I'm looking forward to using it, mixed with distilled water, in my regimen as the weather gets warmer. If you don't know me by now, I'm a huge Glycerin fan. I find it very moisturizing and hydrating for my hair. Glycerin is a humectant that helps attract moisture from the air into the hair. When used in a diluted state, the hair will become softer, smoother, more manageable and fuller. I may use 30-40% Glycerin and 60-70% Distilled water. I'll have to play around with the measurements for the best results. 

Above is the spray bottle I plan on using for my mixture. I got this spray bottle from Sally Beauty Supply store for $2.99. I'll either use the Glycerin/water mix to replace my moisturizer (and then seal) or as a re-fresher spritz throughout the day to re-hydrate my hair and new growth, if necessary. I know some use the mixture prior to moisturizing the hair and then proceed with a moisturizing hair butter to seal it in. I guess it all depends on what your hair likes. *Off to go experiment!*

Are you a Glycerin user? If so, how do you use it in your regimen?

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  1. I add glycerin to my deep conditioner for my weekly DC treatment ~ Joyce

  2. I found a ph balanced moisturizing braid spray that contains water, vegetable glycerin, tea tree oil and aloe vera juice. Can I use this moisturizing spray if I have low porosity hair?

  3. I'm a fairly new glycerin user. I've been using it in my hair butter for a few months and I like it. Recently I started adding it to my tea rinses---It was love at first use! I can't wait to see how you incorporate it into your regimen chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  4. I use glycerin for the moisture mix prettywitty77 came up with. The moisture mix consists of water, glycerin, and herbal essences hello hydration. It is soooo moisturizing!

  5. Hi, is the 30% of glycerine not to drying for your hair? I live in a humid area but I'm affraid to use to much. By the way I just went through your blog archive: one post has disappeared?? it's the one were you were asking were are the relaxed ladies on hairlicious. Please let me know where it is if you haven't deleted it: I wanted to read the different comments. I also commented it

  6. I'm sceptical about vegetable glycerin. I don't know why, maybe I'm scared I'm turning into a certified product junkie. Will try that out later in the future. I have a question to ask, Sunshyne, I relaxed my hair twice with organic lye relaxer & it left my hair underprocessed. I have too much undergrowth in my hair despite the touch up. Can I relaxer my hair again in the next two weeks after the last touch up? I await your reply.

    1. U should wait 6weeks before you can relax again even if your hair was under processed

  7. I also add some essential oils - reosemary, peppermint and tea tree.

  8. Is vegetable glycerine and aloe vera juice good for relaxed low porosity hair?

  9. Come back with an update. I have never tried glycerine , I may have to try it .

  10. I'm not and won't try it because i live in a dry state so it will make my hair dry


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