Grapeseed Oil

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Benefits: Grapeseed Oil is known to be a Ceramide Oil. Ceramides are great for all hair types as it encourages cell membrane adhesion along the cell membrane complex layer of the hair. In other words, the cells remain intact allowing the hair to feel stronger and fortified. The cell membrane complex layer is made up of proteins, lipids and fatty acids, essentially, it's the glue that binds the cuticles together.

Truth:  I absolutely LOVE this oil. Since I purchased my Grapeseed Oil (back in September/2013) I've used it as a pre-poo, in my deep conditioners and mainly as a sealant on & off. I find that my hair responds best to it as a sealant and in my weekly deep treatments (I use 1tsp in my mix). When used as a sealant, my hair remains moist and shiny for hours on end, despite it being a fairly thin oil. When sealing with Grapeseed oil, I can skip a day or two without moisturizing again. Huge bonus! It lubricates my hair so well, that it can be a bit too "moisturizing" for my hair to be used on a daily basis. My sister has 4a/fine relaxed hair and while she was sealing with Grapeseed oil on a daily basis, she noticed her ends becoming overly weak and gradually becoming thinner. She contributed her minor setback due to the over use of Grapeseed oil. I, too, felt that Grapeseed oil can be very moisturizing, so I limit my usage and use when needed. I don't want to throw my moisture/protein balance off. Overall, I'm very impressed with this oil and I'll continue to use it in my hair regimen.

Here is a photo of my air-dried hair - moisturized and then sealed with Grapeseed Oil:

  • Extra light
  • Promotes cell adhesion
  • Moisturizing
  • Smoothes the hair
  • Creates shine
  • Softening
  • Eliminates Frizz
  • Fortifies the hair
  • Very moisturizing for fine/thin hair.
  • May be too light/thin for thicker hair types

Price:  $12.99 CAN  33.8 fl oz.

Hairlicious Rating:  (4/5) Very Good

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  1. I love grape-seed oil! I found it 2 years ago and it is extremely moisturizing to the hair!

  2. i need to add this to my stash of oil

  3. I need to start using mine. I recall reading that grapeseed oil can be used as an heat protector. Has anyone tried using it like that? Did it work?

  4. I need to start using mine. I recall reading that grape seed oil can be used as heat protector. Has anyone tried doing that? Did it work?

  5. Grapeseed oil is amazing! All the ceramides are, especially Hemp oil and Safflower! If you loved Grapeseed oil, Hemp oil is going to be great for you. you should try it but with caution apparently hemp comes from the same plant as weed. :( So I had to stop using it,I didn't want a false positive drug test for my law enforcement job. :(.