Hair Question: Sunshyne, Are You Relaxed or Natural?

Saturday, June 21, 2014

"Hi, I've been seeing your videos/pictures, and your hair sometimes looks relaxed and other times completely natural but stretched. So my question is your hair relaxed or natural? How often you relax you hair? Thanks"

Honestly, I've received this question a lot! My hair is 100% relaxed. I'm not natural. Although my hair may resemble natural hair in it's "air dried state", I'm totally a relaxed haired girl :) Some think I'm texlaxed as well (that's when you leave the relaxer in your hair for a short period of time just to loosen the curl pattern - not to make it straight); however, that is not the case. I leave my relaxer in for 20-25 mins, that is including application and smoothing. I actually smooth my hair approximately 3 times during this process. I use a "Normal" strength relaxer, every 10-12 weeks, so that it processes at a slower rate. This prevent's my hair from becoming over-processed. The "Normal" strength relaxes my hair to a point where it's straight, yet still has a bit of kink in it! This helps to keep my hair healthier and thicker!

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  1. Hi Sunshyne,

    I have regarding relaxer storage. I notice that you purchase the large container of relaxer. It seems like a lot to use for 1 relaxer session. So in saying that, how do you store the unused, open relaxer jar. One of my hair goals this year is to be salon-free with the exception of trims. Therefore, I'm trying to learn all that I need in self-relaxing.

    Thank you for help!

    1. Hi Hun! No problem. I use the relaxer in the tub because the small jars usually serve for only one relaxer session. Instead of buying a new jar each time, I just invested $30 for the tub, which lasts close to one year. I store the jar in my washroom cabinet. I reuse it every time with no issues. Hope that helps!

  2. hello sunshyne, your hair is beautiful, what brand of relaxer do you use?

  3. Thanks hun! I use ORS relaxer in normal strength.