The Coconut Oil Challenge is LIVE!!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

I'm so EXCITED :)

I got these 2 big tubs of Nutiva Coconut Oil at my local health food store (Healthy Planet). I got both of them for the price of $27.00 CAN. Nutiva is my favourite brand and I'll be using it throughout the challenge. 

I'm entering the Coconut Oil Challenge (May 24 - Aug 23) at the Advance level. The Advance level is pretty similar to my current regimen, the only aspect that is different is oiling my scalp with Coconut oil 2-3x/week. Topically applying the Coconut oil should help with my shedding as Coconut oil helps to prevent hair fall.  

Below is a re-cap of the Advance level I'll be participating in.
  • Apply Coconut oil to your hair and scalp, prior to washing, for 20mins – 1 hour or overnight. Massage it in focusing on damaged areas. Proceed with regular washday routine. Do this 2x/week.
  • Apply 1-2 tsp of Coconut Oil to your weekly deep conditioner with heat. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Apply Coconut oil to your scalp 2-3x/week. Do not rinse.

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  1. So advance level requires you to wash you hair twice a week?

    1. Yes. It doesn't mean you have to shampoo twice a week, just a wash i.e Co-wash.

  2. I also prepoo with coconut oil. Recently, I added coconut oil in my oil mix that I use 2-3x weekly. I haven't noticed any reduction in shedding though. Maybe I need to increase the % of coconut oil.
    Divachyk | Relaxed Thairapy

    1. It's amazing as a prepoo. It really helps to strengthen the hair. You may need to use the coconut oil, by itself on the scalp, in order to see a difference.

  3. Hey I got my barleans coconut oil....but I was just wondering I purchased the infusium 23 moisturizing leave in the 33.8 oz formula in the white not the gray one you see in Wal-Mart....but what I want to ask you was it said said its enriched with amino acids...and I was wondering is that a protein...thanks

    1. Hi Martia,

      Yes amino acids are a form of protein. Thanks for joining the challenge.


  4. I had to bow out of the challenge because, much to my dismay, my hair does not like coconut oil. Last week my hair felt so dry & straw-like that I had to do an intense deep conditioning session. Once I got the moisture back into my hair, it felt normal again. I had a similar experience years ago from using coconut oil but I thought I'd go ahead and try just one more time. The evidence is clear, I can use it on my skin but not in my hair. :(

    1. Aww I'm sorry to hear this. Everyone's hair is different and responds differently to various products. What level were you in?

  5. Ever since I've started using coconut oil I barely notice any shedding. :) I'm very happy so far but I do not like the smell that lingers. Do you have any advice on what to do when one side of your hair grows longer/faster than the other?


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