Hooded Dryer vs. Steamer - Which Do You Prefer?

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Using a reliable heat source while on your hair journey is extremely important to ensure maximum penetration of your deep conditioner.  Heat aids in lifting the hair cuticle so that the deep conditioner can enter past the cuticle to correct & prevent damage.

While on Hairlista.com, this topic was brought up. A member was uncertain as to whether or not she should invest in a hooded dryer or steamer. The concept of "dry" heat vs. "moist" heat, came to mind. Dry heat comes from hooded dryers and moist heat comes from hair steamers. Dry heat is great for deep conditioning treatments as the hair gets really hot (under the conditioning cap) allowing the conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft. However, some say it can dehydrate the hair. Moist heat (means there is more moisture in the air) from hair steamers draw moisture into the hair from the steam vapours which aid in hydrating the hair and increasing conditioner penetration. I'm curious to know which tool provides the best conditioning experience for your hair.


"Which do you prefer? Hooded dryer or a Steamer? "
"Do you think there is a difference between "Dry" heat and "Moist" heat?"

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  1. I do not understand the concept of a hooded dryer dehydrating the hair. That would only make sense if you are dc'ing without a plastic cap. If you are using a dc with a plastic cap and then sitting under a hooded dryer it is still a steaming treatment-although not as much as you would get from a steamer (trapped moisture/conditioner under plastic cap + heat = steam).

    I have never used an actual steamer, but I have steam deep conditioned my hair before. I must say that even though I prefer to use a hooded dryer (less messy, more convenient and cost effective) I have gotten far better conditioning treatments using steam. The direct and continuous application of "moist" heat has had a longer lasting moisturizing effect on my hair than a hooded dryer (and to be honest most of the time I use a heat cap-just as good as a hooded dryer).

    If I was trying to decide between which one I would invest in, I would buy the hooded dryer. It is not limited to just one use, and if you really need that extra moisture you could turn up the heat in the shower or relax in a sauna at the gym. But i am not against steamers or anything. Just my two cents.

  2. I prefer the steamer. I believe there is a difference between dry and moist heat, but I only think so because of how different (better) my hair feels after a steam treatment than after just a dry treatment.

    I do think that both can be beneficial though, so I'll do either one. I have my steamer at home, and then when I go into a shop that doesn't have a steamer (if I go into a shop) then I'm okay with a deep condition with dry heat instead.

  3. I'm a hooded dryer girl. I'm sure that steamers are the bomb.com but after reading JC's scientific take on "Are Steamers Really Worth Buying." I doubt that I'll invest in one. She claims that warming up your conditioner before you apply it has the same effect on your hair's elasticity as a steaming session. And warming your conditioner is free! Bloop!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  4. I pefer using my steamer...For some reason when I use a hooded dryer my hair doesn't feel as moisturize as my steamer and the crown of my hair feels dry. When I first got my steamer I notice a difference in my hair. Recently my steamer broke and I had to send it back to the company to get repair and I notice a difference in my hair. Steaming also has been good for helping my low porosity hair.

  5. I have both a hooded dryer and a steamer and I prefer the steamer much better. When I used my hooded dryer for dc'ing my hair felt very moisturized and I liked the results. When I use my steamer for dc'ing..the results was amped to a much higher level..I could feel and see the difference in my hair. I found myself using less product and my hair stayed moistures much longer. I do feel you can get good results with the hooded dryer but I feel the steamer just amps it up to another level...

  6. For me, it depends on the conditioner. I have some that work much better with my steamer and vice versa. And I use most of my protein conditioners under my dryer.

  7. Based on personal experience in using these two machines, I prefer the steamer more than the hooded dryer. I just love how my hair feels after a good steam, compared to using the hooded dryer. There are days when my hair feels a little bit dry after using the hooded steamer and it never happens with the steamer.