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Thursday, September 10, 2015

How long have you been relaxed?
I have been relaxed for twelve (12) years.

What is your current regimen? How often do you relax? What relaxer do you use? 
My current hair regimen consists of moisturizing and sealing every three days, co-washing, deep conditioning, and shampooing whenever it's needed. I only use a comb on wash days. My relaxer is Mizani Rhelaxer fine/Color Treated and I only relax my hair every 4-5 months.

What products are you currently using on your hair? 
Co-wash(WEN), Shampoo(Creme of Nature sulfate free shampoo), Conditioner(Aussie Family Smooth'n Bloom Conditioner), Deep conditioner (One 'n Only Argan oil Hydrating mask), Leave in conditioner (Mizani True Texture curl soft leave-in creme), Hair moisturizer (mixture of Herbel Essences Hello Hydration, Vegetable Glycerin and Water) Protein Treatments( Aphogee Two-step Protein Treatment) Oils (Coconut oil, One'n only Argon Oil).

I noticed your ends got reasonably thicker based on your progress picture! It's beautiful. Please explain in detail what you did differently to increase the thickness of your ends? Did you discover what you were doing wrong? 
When I started my hair journey my crown area was texlax and the rest of my hair was bone straight. I would always try to correct my crown area because I didn't understand why it wasn't bone straight. I later found out that my crown area was thicker then the rest of my hair and as a result of that my hair was thinning. I decided to texlax my hair while trimming off the bone straight ends. I also kept my hair in protective styles - taking it down every three days to moisturize and seal.

What have you learned about maintaining thicker ends?
I have learned that a relaxer isn't meant to relax your hair until it's lifeless but to help with

What tips would you provide those who are looking to thicken up their ends? 
For my thinner hair ladies, try not to comb your hair every day. This increases breakage! You need every strand of hair to increase the thickness of your hair.

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  1. Omgosh! Here blunt thick ends are what dreams are made of!

    *wipes drool from mouth* LOL!

    KLP @

  2. AMAZING progress..omg... i'm a little sad...i was expecting to get a little more details regarding her regimen. For eg. does she alternate between protein and moisture conditioners?did she use an oils? does she Pre-poo? what are her protective styles? With progress like that she must be doing something right! Good job though :)

    1. nikita mc cree my apologies on not being more informative . I do alternate between protein and moisture conditioners .and also apply coconut oil before shampooing . after every wash day i braid my hair in four braids and just leave my hair alone. my hair likes to be left alone.

  3. What an inspiration! Great feature!