Hair Type Vs. Hair Porosity - Which One Will Help You Understand Your Hair Better?

Monday, May 02, 2016

Hair Type Vs. Hair Porosity

Having knowledge in the areas surrounding your Hair Type (4a, 4b etc.) and Hair Porosity (low, normal, high) are important when you're on a journey to improve the overall health of your hair. Both of these hair terms come jam packed with information to help you better understand your hair; its needs, wants and characteristics. But which one is better? Does one trump the other?

If you think BOTH are important, tell me why in the comments below! Or, if you believe neither of them are crucial to understanding and/or improving the overall health of your hair - I want to hear from you too!

In the meantime, take the poll below!

Which one will help you understand your hair better?

Hair Type (3b, 3c, 4a, 4b etc.)
Hair Porosity (Low, High, Normal)

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  1. Porosity. You need to understand if your hair needs protein or moisture. It can make or literally break your hair. I'm low porosity. I don't really need protein because my hair follicle is so closed that it's difficult to keep my hair moisturized. The last thing I need is protein or less of it because my follicles are tightly closed. My hair sheds or breaks due to the lack of moisture getting in the follicle and staying there. Lots of steam showers and heated moisturizing treatments, daily moisturizing spritz sprays. Lots of water drinking, no or limited heat a humidifier in the house helps too. It doesn't help that I live in a dry state either...Arizona. My hair always thrived when I lived in Minnesota, because the humidity was off the chain.

  2. Correction hair cuticle...not follicle.