Loving My Natural Hair™ Presents: Traycee

Monday, May 16, 2016

Introduce yourself! what's your name? where are you from? 
My name is Traycee Simmons from YouTube and Instagram. I'm from the sunny Los Angeles, California.

How would you describe your hair? What's your hair type? 
I have high density hair and my individual strands are very thick and coarse. I'm 3c/4a mixed low porosity hair.

When did you start your natural hair journey? What is your hair regimen? Share a few of your favourite "go-to" hair products. 
I big chopped August 2015 and officially started my natural hair journey. I try to keep things simple (KISS). I'm a wash and go girl.
1x a week with a no sulfate shampoo 
1x a Deep Condition under hooded dryer b/c I'm low porosity
Co wash mid week only if needed
Bentonite Clay Mask 1x a month

I air dry or use the cool setting on hair dryer with a diffuser . I don't use heat on my hair. I love using the L.O.C. method whenever I moisturize. I usually moisturize when my hair needs it and not daily.
I love the Shea Moisture line. They have a line for everything and they are always on sale at Walgreens and CVS - its easy on my pockets. I like to stock up when they have their BOGO sale.

My favorites from the lines are Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Masque and the 3 in 1 Masque. My wash and go "must have" is the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing smoothie & Eco Styling Gel.

I love the Camille Rose Almond Jai Twisting Butter for my braid outs.

What #1 hair tip you would pass on to other natural haired ladies who are currently Transitioning or about to Big Chop? 
My advice to all of you that are transitioning is to be patient. Transitioning was one of the hardest and scariest things I've ever done. Do everything in small sections and do low manipulation styles. I transitioned for 19 months using wigs. Protective styles helped me so much.

My advice to those that are preparing for your big chop would first be do it when your ready. You will have a set of people trying to get you to chop right now and another set that will try to talk you into waiting. You have to do it when your ready because the pressure is real. You may also be surprised by your texture after you big chop. I was natural almost 20 years ago but wore my hair straight and was completely dependent on my stylist during that short phase of my life. I thought I was a 4C ... I was completely shocked by the fact that I was a 3c/4a. I honestly hate hair typing and I feel its not important. I do understand that it helps people know your hair type but I feel that knowing your porosity is much more important if retaining length is important to you.

More than ever before, ladies are transitioning back to their natural hair and we love it! What made you go natural? What are your thoughts on the natural hair movement and your hair? Would you consider relaxing your hair again? 
I'm loving the natural hair movement. The natural styles I see give me so much life. I'm totally late to the party. I didn't actually chose to go natural. I was kind of forced into it because of my eczema. I've always had eczema but it was at its worst and relaxing was making me miserable. I loved my relaxed hair and was blessed with a great relaxed hair journey. I didn't struggle with retention. I kept my relaxed hair at waist length. I didn't know how much I depended on my length and relaxed hair until it was gone. Going natural was very scary and emotional for me. I didn't have my long hair to hide under anymore and I had to adjust seeing myself with kinky hair. Seeing so many beautiful naturals on Instagram helped me so much. I'm so in love with every thing about my natural hair now. I have confidence now that I didn't know I was missing. I'm so thankful for the natural hair movement. These women taught me to see beauty in myself in my most natural form.

I would never relax again. I'm just too much in love with my natural hair. If I have ever crave straight hair I will just throw on a wig or flat iron my hair. That's the beauty of being natural, I can have the best of both worlds!

Name a challenging moment you experienced in your natural hair journey and how did you overcome it? 
My hair is growing and I'm retaining length well. My most challenging moments now are still with my scalp. My eczema is doing much much better now but because of my allergies I still have flare ups. Staying away from chemicals and sulfates has made a huge difference. Finding a hair style that fits my very active lifestyle was another challenge. I workout hard 5x a week so it was frustrating in the beginning. Wash and go's work best for me and I just pineapple while I train. The next challenge is a twist out. I've tried multiple times and failed LOL.

What do you absolutely love about your natural coils? And why? 
I love my coils because they are mine. It's what God gave me! I love that its both kinky and coily. My natural hair makes me feel more free spirited and truer to myself.

Let's Be Friends!
Instagram: @trayceesimmons

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