My Hair Goals for 2017!

Monday, January 02, 2017

Happy 2017!!

Oh it feels so good to say that :) A new year means a fresh start and what's a better way to kick off 2k17 than to begin with some key hair goals?!! My goals this year are more on the specific side as I want to be as clear and concise as possible in order for my goals to be attainable. Check out my #7 hair goals for 2017 and my plans to achieve them!

Lets go....

#1 Enhance Thickness
I know time and time again you've heard me say this but I love big THICK hair. I honestly believe my hair can get thicker than it currently is. I plan on incorporating a Biotin supplement (3000-5000mcg) with my daily multivitamins, henna glossing and lessening the time I spend smoothing during my relaxer process so that more texture remains in each hair strand.

#2 Consistently Consistent
Though I've been on my hair journey for several years now I, too, am guilty of failing to stick to my regimen - whole heartedly! I have my days when laziness takes overrr i.e. co-wash instead of deep condition etc. and I'll see and feel the difference in my hair :( just to save time (which is a no-no!). As a reminder, I plan on typing out my hair regimen on a colourful sheet of paper outlining my regimen. I'll stick it on the bathroom mirror so I'm constantly reminded to not skimp on any wash day duties.

#3 Bun More
In 2016, I wore my hair down quite a bit i.e. braid outs etc. Though it was my goal to enjoy my hair more, I've now opted to rock more buns (bun = protective styling = length retention) and to spice it up with cute yet glam hair accessories, #BunGlam for the win!

#4 Relax at 10-12 weeks. Period!
I've experimented with stretching past 12 weeks post relaxer quite a bit and I've slowly come to the conclusion that I'm not a fan i.e. excessive tangles (no matter what I do) and I habitually tend to smooth more (during my relaxer process), because of all the new growth I get, making my hair a little too straight. This year, I plan to stick to my relaxer schedule and not venture past the 12 week mark.

#5 Invest In A Wig
In the early parts of my hair journey, I religiously wore a lace front wig 4-5 days a week to eliminate daily manipulation and my hair retained up to 6" inches in length that year.  I don't think I would wear a wig every single day, but it would definitely come in handy on those days where I just want to leave my hair alone. I plan on finding something that mimics my hair type/texture and length.

#6 Remove Old Products
I have accumulated a lot of products over the past year and to be honest, a lot of them are old and half way done or completely empty but still on my product shelf!! LOL I plan on doing a thorough spring cleaning this year of all my hair products and to zone in on my staples.

#7 Trim with every other relaxer
Oldie but a goodie! I used to do this consistently; however, I fell off slightly last year. This has been imperative in maintaining healthy ends. Gotta add it to the list!

What are your Top 3 Hair Goals for 2017?!

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