Why Your Hair Will Say Thank You To Protective Styling

Saturday, January 21, 2017

I must say that protective styling has been my saving grace throughout my hair journey. Why? Because it allowed me to retain length, moisture and save time! Though I would periodically wear my hair out and rock a flat ironed style, I would always default back to my trusty protective styling regimen. Here's why...

Protective styling is key to the preservation of your ends! Truth be told, your ends are the oldest part of your hair; therefore, your ends are much more fragile than the rest of your strands. They need care, 'babying' and lots of it. Wearing your hair loose and manipulating old fragile ends on a daily basis inevitably leads to dryness, breakage and damage. 

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Check out these 5 Reasons Why Protective Styling is Your Friend:

1. Ends Get a Break - With your hair up off of your shoulders your ends will be protected against fabrics that create harmful friction and environmental factors which can prematurely cause hair cuticle damage.

2. Locked in Moisture - Wearing your hair down and loose, regularly, can enable the hair strands to lose internal moisture causing dryness making your hair more prone to splitting. Ensuring your hair is effectively moisturized, from root to tip, and wearing it up in a protective style will lock in moisture.

3. Length Retention - Hair regimens that emphasize protective styling typically experience longer hair faster as the hair is not manipulated frequently by styling tools, exposed to harsh fabrics or environmental elements i.e. wind, sun, air, rain etc. Protective styling + locked in moisture = length retention!

4. Maintain Cuticle Thickness - Wearing the hair loose, on a daily basis, increases wear and tear on the hair strands.  As the hair is constantly exposed to outside elements, the roughening of the cuticle begins. Over time, the strands will begin to show a decrease in cuticle thickness causing thinness. Protective styling gives your hair a vacation by slowing down the wear and tear process and allowing you to maintain your strand's cuticle thickness.

5. Saves Time - Throwing your hair up in a bun, rocking braids or twists saves time when time is against you. You can easily jazz-up a protective style with a few hair accessories and immediately head out the door - which I so greatly appreciate. 

Protective styling, daily or on a flexible schedule, will aid in increasing the quality and length of your hair.

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  1. Your hair looks so healthy. Updated moisturizing and sealing post? or even a complete wash day