3 Reasons Why Coconut Oil Needs To Be In Your Regimen

Thursday, June 08, 2017

I know I know, another article on Coconut oil and it's benefits - Geez! But in all honesty, Coconut oil is truly a powerful oil aiding in the repair of damaged hair. Whether you are relaxed, texlaxed, transitioning, or natural, the usage of Coconut oil, to some degree, is essential in your regimen and healthy hair journey. Here's why:

           [1] Coconut oil has a high affinity for hair protein which aids in reducing protein loss in  damaged and undamaged hair. Reducing protein loss reinforces the integrity of the hair promoting the increase of thickness in your hair.

           [2] Easily penetrates the hair shaft due to its low molecular weight nourishing the hair                       from the inside out improving hair porosity.

             [3] Promotes hair growth, healthier ends and reduces hair fall by improving scalp health. 

Those who have chemically treated hair (relaxed hair, coloured hair etc.) benefit the most from having Coconut oil in their regimen. Let's face it, it's no secret that chemical treatments damage the structure of the hair cuticle (to some degree) in order to manipulate the strands to a 'permanent' state; thus, leaving it more prone to breakage. Coconut oil, when applied consistently, fortifies the strands increasing durability and strength by filling the cracks along the hair shaft caused by chemical treatments.

Too, Coconut oil acts like a 'hair protector' by preventing the swelling and contraction of the hair shaft when absorbing water.  During washes, the frequent swelling and de-swelling of the cuticle can cause holes/damage along the hair shaft over time. Coconut oil, consistently applied to the hair, assists in improving hair porosity and cuticle structure. Low porosity hair can also benefit from Coconut oil by using it in the conditioning phase (prepoo, added to your deep conditioner, etc.) of a regimen and in small doses.

Using Coconut oil, whether it be in the conditioning phase or as a leave-in/sealant in your regimen, will help reinforce the strength and integrity of your strands. Using this oil consistently will allow your hair to reap the most benefits and your hair will thank you for it!! 

[TIP]: For those who are sensitive to Coconut oil and experience rigid/rough hair when using it as a sealant, the trick is to use a finger dap amount per section and work it into the hair. I find that less is more with Coconut oil as it's very easy to overdo it.

I notice that when I consistently use Coconut oil in my regimen (in the conditioning phase i.e. prepoo - prior to washing), my ends remain preserved and intact preventing frequent trims. After I prepoo with Coconut oil (15-20mins with heat) I notice softer and smoother hair with less friction when styling. The durability of my hair improves along with the fullness of my hair!

I'm currently hosting a Coconut Oil Challenge on Hairlista.com, in the groups section, in hopes of improving the overall health of my hair by using Coconut oil for a total of 3 months - June 1st - Sept. 1st 2017. I'm participating in the Advance level and I'm excited. Come join me :) See you online!

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