Why I'm Loving ‪@TaliahWaajid ‬Protective Mist Bodifier - Current Fav!

Sunday, July 09, 2017

By now you probably know that I'm a die hard Scurl No Drip (Original) fan since...f o r e v e r! However, the original formula is getting harder and harder to find online and offline as it's been replaced by the new formula (which my hair doesn't really care for). 

Over the past couple months, I revisited the Taliah Waajid Protective Mist Bodifier ("TWPMB") as a daily moisturizer for my ends, once again, I was surprisingly shocked at how my hair responded to it. My hair was extremely soft, moist, smooth, and not weighed down by product. This is  h u g e because I rarely find a moisturizer that actually agrees with my 4b/c hair. When using TWPMB breakage minimized and my hair/new growth was manageable. My ends are extra happy when I use TWPMB and seal with Jojoba oil! Let's not forget the coconut scent that lingers in your hair after each use :)

TWPMB is a glycerin based moisturizer but it's silicone free and paraben free - which I know many will love! It also has wheat germ extract, which is a ceramide, to help protect the hair while providing  strength.  

Not only is this product a great substitute for Scurl No Drip Activator (original) but it works wonders on my relaxed hair though it seems targeted for naturals. The product is light (I use it on my freshly flat ironed hair too) and easily penetrates into the hair, without leaving a 'sticky feeling' on your strands. I love how the product comes in a 8 fl. oz. spray as well as a 23 fl. oz bottle (like the picture  above). I'm all about packaging and the more product I can get, the better. What I love most is that I can easily purchase it from my local Beauty Supply store whenever I run out.

Long story short, TWPMB is my daily moisturizer of choice right now! 

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