My Flat Iron Essentials For Relaxed Hair

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

My Flat Iron Essentials For Relaxed Hair |

I recently flat ironed my hair and posted a photo on my Instagram account. I got a ton of DM's regarding the products I used and how was I able to get my hair so smooth and straight! Not to worry, I will share all the details below.

First things first, I don't flat iron often! I flat iron typically 1-2x with every relaxer, which is every 10-12 weeks. I maintain my flat ironed style for approximately 5-7 days. I maintain my straight look by lightly moisturizing the very ends of my hair (no oil as it would weigh it down) and wrapping it every night with a satin scarf. on to the products I use:

1. Small wide tooth comb - I use the small wide tooth comb AFTER I use the big wide tooth comb. This helps to remove any tangles that I may have missed with the big wide tooth comb. This comb also helps to ensure shed hair is removed. I use the tail part of the comb for parting and sectioning my hair.

2. Big wide tooth comb - After I wash, deep condition and air dry my hair, I thoroughly detangle with this seamless wide tooth comb to remove tangles. It works like a charm!

3. Sedu Flat Iron - I did an unboxing of this flat iron on my YouTube Channel. It is by far the BEST flat iron I've used on my relaxed hair. The 1 1/2" plates glide through my hair with ease and straighten my hair perfectly and quickly with just ONE pass. I love this flat iron because I'm able to set the temperature to whatever degree I desire. I typically leave the temp around 350-380 degrees. Because of the wide plates, I'm able to flat iron my MBL hair faster ending the entire process in approximately 40-45mins.

4. Hair Clips - These clips help to section off my hair so that I can focus on one section at a time. I use about 2-3 clips every time I flat iron. It's a must.

5. Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protectant - This right here is the BUSINESS!! This heat protectant not only protects my strands from heat damage but it really smooths out my cuticles allowing them to lay flat after I'm done flat ironing! It doesn’t weigh my hair down AT ALL!! It actually leaves it light and fluffy.  The scent is so light and refreshing - like a fruity/floral scent - making my hair smell so fresh and clean. It has made its mark in my straightening routine and it's not going anywhere!

6. ORS Olive Oil Edge Control - The last step! This edge control is perfect for laying down my edges. I get great hold for hours with no residue or flakes. I love it!

7. Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm - This moisturizing treatment is the PERFECT treatment for bringing out smooth, moisturized yet strong hair for a bomb flat iron. No joke! This deep treatment smooths my hair like no other making the cuticle lay flat. The slip assists in detangling my strands in prep for flat ironing. First I shampoo with a sulfate free shampoo, then I follow up with this treatment for 5-10 minutes in the shower. I rinse and then move on to my leave-in conditioner and heat protectant (pictured above) - that's it. My flat ironed hair is moisturized, strengthened, smoothed and frizz-free as a result of this treatment balm! I can't see my straightening routine without it!!

Oh! You're probably wondering, "Don't you blow dry your hair ?" Well I don't blow dry my hair unless I'm several weeks post relaxer, otherwise I just air dry and then flat iron. The way I look at it is that my hair is already straight, why add more heat to it? Too, by skipping the blow drying step I get way more volume in my hair.

*Not pictured*: My One and Only Argan Oil! I use a small amount of product per section prior to flat ironing for extra smoothness and sheen. Not to mention, it's anti-frizz protection holds up very well. It works perfectly every time!

There you have it! What products/tools are essential in your straightening routine?

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