Hair Breakage 101 - Moisture Deficiency!

Monday, January 21, 2019

Hair Breakage 101 - Moisture Deficiency! |

Healthy hair is all about having balanced hair!

Balanced hair has the ability to withstand daily manipulation, styling, etc. due to its strength and elasticity attributes within the hair's fibers. Balanced hair feels soft and supple yet strong while wet or dry. Balanced hair has a beautiful shine/sheen, movement and feels good to the touch!

Having balanced hair is the result of having a healthy moisture/protein balance - which can be tricky to acheive. Hair breakage is typically the result of either a moisture deficiency or protein deficiency. 

Hair Breakage 101 - Moisture Deficiency! |

Moisture deficient hair is no fun! 

It's probably the WORST. Think about it, your hair is dull, dry, brittle and as a result snapping off into tiny pieces left-right-and-center. Breakage from a low moisture regimen occurs when the hair isn't receiving enough hydration! SIMPLE.

Moisture deficient breakage can be reversed by doing the following:
  1. Weekly deep conditioning sessions with a moisture rich deep conditioner
  2. Misting the hair with water throughout the day or prior to moisturizing and sealing
  3. Moisturizing with a water based moisturizer and sealing with an oil regularly
  4. Baggying the ends of your hair to prevent moisture loss on a weekly basis
  5. Incorporating weekly cowashes with a hydrating moisturizing conditioner

It's all about UP'ing your moisture game!

If you have a low moisture regimen and breakage has been an ongoing issue for you, you will definitely need to stay away from: regular heat styling, styling products i.e. pomades, gels, holding sprays/lotions, and protein based products. 

Overusing protein based products (products containing hydrolyzed silk, keratin, collagen, etc.), without balancing it with moisture,  is a recipe for disaster. Protein fills the cracks along the hair shaft adding structure. Too much structure makes the hair rigid. Rigid hair lacks elasticity which then leads to breakage. 

It's important to analyze your hair! Recognize when you have a moisture deficient regimen and take the necessary steps to correct it. The tips I suggested above will help improve the elasticity and moisture levels in the hair; therefore, decreasing breakage. 

Moist hair = Happy hair :)

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  1. Thank you so much. Tried ur hair care regimen. And my hair grew in a month. I would also try this intensive moisture treatment.