Happy 2019 - New Year, New Goals!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Happy 2019 - New Year, New Goals!! | HairliciousInc.com

Happy New Year Hairlistas!

2019 is finally here and I'm super excited for what's to come! As with any new year, I like to set a few hair goals to keep myself on track and focused on becoming better. I keep my hair goals short and straight to the point otherwise it becomes overwhelming and not enjoyable. So let's dive right in...

1. Purging my current hair product stash! I NEED to do this ASAP. You have no idea the amount of old products, empty bottles and products that I do not use yet still have in my possession! Everytime I look at my product stash I get a headache and never attempt to declutter or purge even though I'm consistently adding new products to the shelves. You've probably seen it in my YouTube Wash Day videos, it's FULL. I'm making this a priority this year - no more excuses or delays. This will provide me with clarity on what I truly love and need to restock!

2. Sticking with JBCO! As the #HairliciousCastorOilChallenge almost comes to an end, I hate to see it go! Consistently including JBCO in my regimen over the last 3 months has been amazing - to say the least. Being in the Ultimate Level of the challenge, I applied the oil to my scalp 2x/week and added 1tsp to my deep conditioners. In such a short amount of time, my hair improved in moisture retention, softness, and it just feels fuller!! I'm going to stick with applying it to my scalp 2x/week after wash day for the remaining of the year :)

3. Learn a new skill - Cornrows! Last year I revealed a fun fact about myself that I cannot cornrow. LOL. I did a milkmaid braid protective style on my YouTube Channel (without cornrowing) and a few were #teamdontknowhowtocornrow but many were shocked that didn't know how. As crazy as this may seem, I never felt the need to learn as it wasn't a pressing skill to attain. I guess people think that because you're a 'black woman', you should automatically know. Well, that's just not the case here :) I think it would be fun skill to learn and perhaps incorporate it into my weekly styles..maybe more so in Summer '19. I'm excited to see how this goes!

4. Wearing my hair down more! I protective style a lot, and I love it. I enjoy wearing my hair in buns, whether it be low or high as it preserves the moisture levels in my hair and the quality of my ends. But I also do it out of habit and convenience. I'm at a point in my hair journey where I'm basically in "maintenance mode". I'm not on a hunt for longer hair. Mid back length is perfect for me! Now, more than ever, I have this urge to wear my hair down more often and enjoy it without feeling guilty..so I'm going to do just that :) I'll probably do a 70/30 split.

5. Consistency! - My hair regimen works for me so I have no plans on changing anything! But I'm all about being consistently consistent. In 2018, I was extremely consistent with my regimen and the health of my hair was the best it's been in a while. So that means, no skipping on trims, deep conditioning 2x/week, moisturizing and sealing daily, protecting my hair nightly, protective styling etc. In 2019, I choose to remain consistent with my hair regimen and routine - once again! My hair is predictable and manageable when it gets the attention it requires. Too, I plan on posting consistently on here (the Blog) and posting videos on my Youtube Channel (let me know in the comments what videos you'd like to see from me this year)!

Happy 2019 - New Year, New Goals!! | HairliciousInc.com

As always, thanks so much for rockin' with me all of 2018. It's all about execution this year!

Stay tuned!!!

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