3 Reasons Why You Need To Start Your Hair Journey - NOW!

Wednesday, May 06, 2020

3 Reasons Why You Need To Start Your Hair Journey - NOW! | www.HairliciousInc.com

Salons are closed. Beauty Supply Stores are closed. Outside is closed. But hair still needs to get done - a lie?

More than ever before we are having to rely on our own abilities to get through this phase of Social Distancing. While it's important to stay safe during these unprecedented times, being quarantined truly offers the gift of time!

Now that we have more time for family, cooking, exercising, we also have more time to begin our healthy hair journey we've been putting off for so long! Yes, I'm talking to you, girl! Oh, and to my ladies who started their hair journey and fell off for whatever reason, now is the time to amp up your hair care game, too!

Though it may seem like challenging hair days are before us due to the closures of salons, beauty supply stores etc. achieving healthy hair is still possible.

3 Reasons Why You Need To Start Your Hair Journey - NOW! | www.HairliciousInc.com

Here are 3 Reasons Why You Need to Start Your Hair Journey Now:

1. No better time like the present!

As I mentioned before, we definitely have more time on our hands, so why not put that time to good use and invest in our hair?! You see, my motto is, 'your [real] hair will never go out of style!', therefore, it's important to invest time, research, and money in your real hair rather than hide under hair that doesn't belong to you. During quarantine, it's so easy to sit on the couch and watch Netflix for hours while your hair is being neglected in a bonnet all day long. Pick up that sulfate-free shampoo bottle and lather it through your hair gently. Slather a rich moisturizing deep conditioner on those parched ends and let it sit for a 30 mins - 1 hour while you do chores around the house. Jump on YouTube Channel and binge watch my hair styling videos to look cute in the house. Trust me, your hair will thank you for it!

Of course you have certain hair goals you want to reach, whether it be thickness, more growth, improved health - it's definitely attainable during this time. Now is not the time to slack off because outside is closed. For me, I've been paying more attention to my hair and it's needs during this time. As a result, I'm seeing a difference :) Too, Summer is fast approaching and hair thrives in the warmer months. It will be a pleasant shock to family and friends when they see you out of quarantine with your gorgeous tresses.

2. No Products? No Problem! Order online.

There are tons of online beauty supply stores, hair care companies, and of course Amazon! that are still selling and shipping hair products, despite store closures. I just placed an order online and restocked on my favourite moisturizer and deep conditioners. I can't afford to have my stash run low.  Not to mention, there are countless sales, discounts, and free shipping being offered now. Though there may be some delays with shipping during this time due to high volume of orders, it's better than nothing!

Walmart is an essential service and still open. There are great hair care products at your local Walmart that you can stock up on to start or amp up your hair journey. Some of my favourite brands that you can find in Walmart are: Shea Moisture, Herbal Essences, Aussie, Tresemme etc. Don't forget your tools and accessories i.e. wide tooth combs, bobby pins, Ouchless ponytail holders, plastic caps, etc. Girl, there's just no excuses! 

3. Great Escape - Theraputic, if you will!

3 Reasons Why You Need To Start Your Hair Journey - NOW! | www.HairliciousInc.com

I can't deny, washing my hair is truly a great escape amongst all the chaos lately. There's a whole new meaning to #SelfcareSundays now, which is typically the day I wash and deep condition my hair. Self care is not selfish, it's a necessity. Take some time out for YOUrself and dive deep into your hair care routine. Scalp massages are great for relieving tension, stress and excellent for promoting hair growth. Hair goals need to be met!! Gaining a vast knowledge of your hair, characteristics and its behaviours during this time will really set you up for success in the long run.


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