5 Ways to Tame Your New Growth While Salons Are Closed!

Thursday, May 14, 2020

5 Ways to Tame Your New Growth While Salons Are Closed! | www.HairliciousInc.com

So you're 16 weeks post relaxer and salons are closed due to the lockdown! 

"I might as well transition to natural"
Is probably what you're thinking as getting a relaxer re-touch seems like a far fetched idea! 

But the question still stands, "what do I do to tame my new growth?"

This has been the infamous question I've been receiving lately and... I totally get it. If you don't plan on self-relaxing, what are you supposed to do with all of that new growth until salons re-open?!  

It can be overwhelming and frustrating trying to tame your two textures while avoiding breakage. Trust me, I've been there and it's not easy. 

Below, I share with you my tried and true tips for taming your new growth while stretching your relaxer or better yet, during this salon lockdown! Enjoy :)
5 Ways to Tame Your New Growth While Salons Are Closed! | www.HairliciousInc.com

1. Do a Prepoo!

Doing a pre-shampoo treatment is an excellent way to soften and detangle your new growth. Let's face it, your new growth is coily, kinky and a completely different texture from your relaxed ends. Going straight into your shampoo routine can cause the two textures to fight with each other causing severe tangles and knots!

Prepooing with a conditioner, oil or both will help marry these two textures so that they are not fighting with each other. Doing a prepoo treatment will help melt away tangles in your new growth giving your hair much more slip and smoothness during the shampooing process.

Mielle Organics Mongongo Oil Pre-Shampoo Treatment and African Pride Moisture Miracle Aloe & Coconut Water Pre-Shampoo Conditioner has been a huge hit in delivering softness and manageability to the hair before shampooing. It's best to leave these on for 15-30 minutes before shampooing. Your wash day will be much more enjoyable!

2. Don't Skip Deep Conditioning!

This is a M U S T during this time as it will provide your coils and kinks with the hydration and strength it needs to become more manageable, soft and resist breakage. With weeks worth of new growth, it's always best to chose a moisture rich conditioner that is thick in consistency. Using a heat source i.e. hooded dryer, heating cap or steamer would be beneficial as well. The heat will help raise your cuticles allowing the deep conditioner to penetrate further into the strands. Deep conditioning on a weekly or biweekly basis, will replenish lost moisture, improve elasticity and fortify your strands to help combat breakage. It's also important to rotate your moisture and protein conditioners. This will help keep your line of demarcation strong decreasing breakage at this weak point. 

Quick tip: Apply your deep conditioner directly to your new growth first, as if you were doing  relaxer re-touch. Ensuring that the new growth is fully saturated in conditioner increases detangling abilities and the chances of it remaining soft and smooth post wash day. 

If you're having a really hard time getting moisture into the hair and taming your new growth, try deep conditioning overnight, with a protein-free deep conditioner. This is not mandatory but it will certainly help to keep your new growth conditioned.

3. Keep it moist!

Moisturizing is so essential especially now that you're new growth is in full effect. Perhaps, you may need to moisturize a little more frequently than you normally would, because of the difference in textures. During my relaxer stretches, I love to use Scurl No Drip Curl Activator in my roots on an 'as needed basis'. This spray moisturizer is very rich and delivers the right amount of moisture to prevent dryness. I spray my roots daily or every other day to ensure it remains soft and moist.

4. Keep it detangled!

So vital!! I've experienced matted new growth as a result of not keeping it thoroughly detangled each wash day - not fun! In my detangling process, I would use both by wide tooth comb and my fingers to get through my knots and tangles. If my hair is super tangled, I bring out my Keracare Detangling Conditioning Mist. This stuff is bomb! It melts away knots and tangles and smooths the cuticles while moisturizing and conditioning the hair. This is a leave-in product (protein-free) so it's best to use it after wash day. I mist my hair with it and then let it sit for 1-2 minutes before I start to detangle.

I, then, use my fingers to prevent any unnecessary breakage. It's important to be gentle and slow during this process. By using my fingers, I would feel through the knots and slowly remove them.

Next, I run my wide tooth comb through my hair, from my ends up.  I would do this only on wash day to avoid over-manipulation. You can go a step further and use a Denman brush or detangling brush that's suitable for wet and dry hair.

5. Leave it alone!

This is probably the best thing you can do after you've washed, conditioned, moisturized, and detangled your hair. Don't touch it again until the next wash day. Leaving your hair in a simple style i.e. cornrows, French braids, low bun, wigs etc. is ideal as these styles will lock in moisture and keep your hands out of your hair. Less manipulation = less tangles = less breakage. Also, try keeping your new growth stretched as this will prevent matting due to shrinkage i.e. air drying in a low ponytail, use the Scarf Method, try the banding method etc.

Hang in there girl, I hope this helps!

Let me know what tips and tricks are helping you during this time!


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