Relaxer Update - Blunt Cut, Vitamins I'm Taking + New Shower Filter

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Relaxer Update - Blunt Cut, Vitamins I'm Taking + New Shower Filter |

First Relaxer Update of 2021!!

Blunt cut for the win, sis! 

I told you I would do it in my last relaxer update. I got rid of the "V" shape look to my ends and I'm loving it. I went to the salon to get it done and I relaxed at 11 weeks post relaxer using ORS Olive Oil Relaxer in Normal Strength (Lye) - the usual. Lots to update you guys on. Be sure to watch until the end of the video for a SURPRISE!

As always, thanks for watching girl!


♥ Items Mentioned

Plant Based Protein Powder -
Hemp Hearts -
Chia Seeds -
Vitamin Organizer -
Multivitamin - Dr. Tobias Multivitamin (source of Antioxidants)
Biotin -
Omega 3’s -
Vitamin C -
Vitamin D -
Water Bottle -
Affirm Moisture Right Leave-in Detangler -
Affirm Moisture Style Right Light Headdress Cream -
Affirm Moisture Style Right Laminate Spray

Lima’s Care Shower Filter - (removes hard water from your hair and more gentle than using Chelating Shampoo)

High output universal shower filter with 15 stage water purification. Two cartridges provide up to 12 months of service life. Removes chlorine, prevents the growth of algae, fungi and bacteria. Removes heavy metals. 

Filtering out chlorine helps protect your skin and hair from dryness making the hair manageable, soft and healthy free from mineral deposits. 

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